Hot! Double Collar Cockatoo Blouse

The Facts

Fabric: 1 1/4 yards (give or take) of Cockatoo colored cotton blend

Pattern:Butterick 7592, Blouse from view A

Year: c. 1950’s

Notions: Eight 5/8″ buttons

Time to Complete: Too long to admit

First Worn: March 2012

Wear Again: Yup, this is a great stand alone blouse, as well layering under cardigans.

Total Price: Everything was from my stash, I’m guessing around $10-$12.

Ohhh Pantone… Why are your names so perplexing!?  This is just as an aside, I went and did a Google search for Cockatoo and all that came up was pretty pink & white and yellow & white birds; not a single aqua bird in the bunch.  So I’m not certain how Pantone arrived at the name for this color, but aqua is my absolute favorite color, I mean cockatoo…

I had started a muslin for the Butterick 7592 blouse last spring for Colette’s first Palette Challenge and I could never get the fit quite right.  As a result, I’ve had the muslin buried underneath a pile of “maturing” projects since March 2011.  *Shudder*  In keeping with a Spring theme, I decided to clean out my old projects pile and decided to rework the muslin.  Additionally, I am working hard to shop from my own stash this year and I found this drapey aqua cockatoo colored fabric, in some type of cotton blend.

The original pattern included a mini, peter pan styled collar which is the upper collar in aqua.  I thought it needed a bit more dimension so I drafted the bottom white collar exactly 1″ larger using some scraps I had left over from my button-challenge blouse.

One trick I used on this blouse to keep it nice and light: I used a white silk organza as the under-collar on both the aqua collar and the white collar instead of using the original fabric.  The collar stays nice and crisp as if I used an interfacing all while while using an under-collar of organza to finish the seams nicely along with reducing down the bulk in the seam allowance.  I highly recommend it for any of your spring-time blouses in silk or light cotton.

I purposely paired my blouse with some navy pants to try and pull in a second Pantone color (Sodalite Blue), but they just ended up looking black in my photos.  *booo*.  I’m really happy I dug out this old muslin and took some time to rework it.  The pattern is quite simple, but can yield so many different neckline alterations and fabric possibilities.  I think I may just make a few more for the summertime.  :)  Happy Spring to everyone reading; I can’t wait to see what color/s you guys all picked for this challenge.



By day Liz Holder works as a research analyst where she plays with data and charts, but by night she becomes a create-a-holic. She loves creating and learning new things which is why her favorite craft is sewing, which she’s been doing in full force after taking her first sewing class a year and a half ago. There is an endless array of skills, tricks, and techniques for her to research on any given project and at the end she's ecstatic o have created a unique garment that she can then celebrate by sharing it with the blogosphere after which she wears it to work where she crunches more numbers and starts the cycle all over again.


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  1. Beautiful color “Peacock” and I like the way you made the under collar with the white accent color. Good tip on using organza. I haven’t made anything with that fabric yet. I hope it’s not too hard.

    • Silk Organza is a dream to work with! Paired with other fabrics, its no big deal to work with. But I have yet to sew with it on its own.

  2. Hi Liz, the blouse looks great and thank you for the tip with using silk organza. I will definitely give it a try. What beautiful color and I love the extra collar that you added, looks great.

  3. This color looks so fantastic on you! I love the double collar as well, such a great idea to bring some dimension to a shirt. Well done!

  4. Great job! I really love that double collar – it’s a great detail that gives an already nice blouse pattern a bit more pop! Very well done.

  5. I’ve never seen an aqua cockatoo – all of the one around here are white (and NOISY!) but I very much like your blouse and the double collar makes a lovely detail. I rather like the pleating that comes down from the collar too.

  6. That is a very sweet blouse in a lovely colour. No aqua cockatoos here either. Just the sulphur crested yellow and white ones. Sometimes they come to the kitchen window demanding food (we don’t feed them because they are bent on destroying our ageing window frames!). I think I saw black ones one time when there were bush fires up in the Blue Mountains (which aren’t really blue – duh!). The double collar is a nice up date.

    • Thanks Trish! I continue to be befuddled at Pantone’s color names. Last year the “in” color was honeydew and guess what color it was?! Pink!

      Black Cockatoos??? huh Sorry to hear about your windows. Would a bird feeder in your front yard prevent them from attacking your window frames?

  7. Oh I love the cut on this blouse and the peter pan collar is super sweet. Gorgeous colour choice too.

  8. I love the cut of the blouse, and I am definitely a huge fan of that delicious collar! How brilliant to have a white collar layered underneath! This color looks lovely on you – bravo for re-tackling that muslin!

  9. So glad that you’ve been able to use the muslin to such good use. Love that double collar and thanks for the tip on finishing seams on lightweight spring fabrics.

    • I am too! Now I just have to get to the other 5+ projects that are sitting around… heh

      I always keep silk organza on hand. I use it for a variety of things like stabilizing zipper openings, collars, interfacings, etc.

  10. Fabulous, and the colour really suits you. Love the double collar!

  11. This color is SO spring and that double peter pan collar is cuteness. I am gearing up to my first one for an upcoming challenge. Yours is a lovely omen ;-).