Hot! A Vase of Roses


Fabric: Vintage rayon (I think) Light green, cream roses
Pattern:  Collette Pastille Dress from Collette Handbook
Year: 2011
Notions: green thread, zipper
Time to complete: 6-7 hours
First worn: March 3, 2012
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: none! fabric was a gift

Lucky, Lucky me! Coming home from our 20th Anniversary, we stopped in the little town of Sabastopol and visited a great little bookstore. I headed straight for the craft and sewing section and found the Colette Sewing Handbook! I just had to have it. I was especially pleased that the bookstore gave educators a 25 percent discount. The handbook comes with 5 patterns in multi-sizes. I carefully traced the pattern for the Pastille Dress onto some wrapping paper, so as not to destroy the different sizes that I could possibly use to make dresses for my daughters and granddaughters. Colette’s directions were very easy to follow. I cut the size twelve, but had to make some adjustments. Next time I will use the size ten. That means tracing another pattern, which can be a little time consuming and not that much fun. The fabric was some type of synthetic, maybe rayon. It tended to unravel at the edges and get very stringy, so I serged all the seams as I made it. It’s just as cute as can be, with the three pleats around the bottom edge and that adorable neckline. The little sleeves could use a thin shoulder pad to help hold the shape on this particular fabric. I may or may not experiment with that a little later.

I knew exactly which artist and painting  went along with my fabric choice for this challenge, Vincent Van Gogh’s “A Vase of Roses”. This painting hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. A vintage painting indeed, dating 1890, you can read more about it on the posted link.

Not only do I want to make a tribute to Vincent, but also to Cody Page, the lead guitarist in the up and coming band, French Girls. (Facebook Page) He stands artistically serenading me during the photo-shoot. Song sample here: The Distance. Another tribute to my youngest who took the photos, and a second tribute to my daughter who is a professional artist and has sold successfully on Etsy for the last 10 years, Pinkytoast. She helped photoshop the right picture into the frame. My final tribute goes to my oldest daughter, who is a seamstress, crafter, and designer. She loves the vintage look and helps me with ideas and fabric choices. This weekend she planned, decorated, and hosted a Red Carpet themed party for my 14 year old granddaughter. What a glamorous event that was!  I wore a hand-beaded vintage dress. You can see more on my blog: Zibergirl Sews.

A Vase of Roses on the Left and the Right!



Barbara is a resident of Northern California. She loves to sew and has pledged not to buy retail clothes for the year of 2012. That means she has to make her own, or buy it at a thrift store. I hope she doesn't spend too much on fabric. When she shops for fabric her eyes light up as she imagines the possibilities! She's like a kid in a candy store.


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  1. Great dress Barbara, the fabric choice is wonderful and I love the photos. It’s a great Friday send off. I have yet to try a Colette pattern but have wanted to buy a copy of the book, so I think you sold me on it! Thanks for sharing all the cool links, it’s really fun to collaborate with family. Maybe Mena will do a music theme challenge.

  2. Nice one Barbara! Love your inspiration – so pretty. And what a great collaboration – heaps of fun! Love the guitarist in the photos too

  3. This is adorable : ) I love your inspiration and your final dress. The guitarist is a lovely touch, bravo!!

  4. Lovely! Looks like a good fit in the photos. What a wonderful collaboration.

  5. Your post is full of artists…so creative and appropo. And, that mint green dress is just of my favorite versions of Collete’s Pastille pattern. I, too chose Van Gogh for this week’s theme….and ever since, I see his work in almost everything. Excellet post, Barbara…a pleasure as always.

  6. This whole post made me smile today. I love the dress, photography and inspiration. How fortunate you are to have such a creative family that collaborates so well. Job well done, you should be very proud.

  7. My goodness Barbara! You are so talented and have such a talented family and look perfectly at ease while being serenaded in a photo! Just the thought of that stresses me out. You look beautiful-

  8. Barbara, this is one of my favourite photoshoots ever posted on the The Sew Weekly! Absolutely brilliant! I just love it! The dress is absolutely fantastic. What an amazing and creative family!

  9. Wow Barbara, fantastic! your little family are so wonderfully gifted you must be so proud. They definitely take after you. Gorgeous Colette dress.

  10. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! Sorry about the links to nowhere, Cody had to pull his song off the internet because they are registering as real songwriters, so sharing your lyrics is a no no right now. I don’t know how I messed up on my on blog link, Next time I’ll double check.

  11. Awesome! Love the dress and the pictures.

  12. Beautiful dress and fab photos!

  13. Wow, such a lot going on in your family. Must get taht Collette book, yours came out great!