Hot! The Wandering Star Jumpsuit


The Facts
Fabric | Cotton
Pattern | Self drafted
Year | 2012
Notions | elastic
Time to complete | Approx 3 CD’s, I’m terrible with the timing thing.
First worn | straight after I hemmed the legs.
Wear again? I’m wearing it as I type it’s fabulously comfortable perfect for this weird weather we’re experiencing.
Total price | Approx $8.

I had plans for this fabric and the plans are as pictured, thanks to this challenge I managed to get my vision completed and it has come at the most perfect time, the weather has been incredibly strange, seriously hot one day and hail and rain the next, so to sit in this—lets call it a jumpsuit! has been perfect for our current climate.


I enjoy the fact that fabric like this is left for people like myself to purchase from the bargain bin, I guess you need to look past the complexity of the print and see it’s true potential. I like the earthy look of the pattern however I was a tad worried about the direction of the print running across my body adding the illusion of extra width but once I tried it on the fit was exactly what I was after and the pattern wasn’t a bother. I wanted the crotch to hang low, I wanted the elastic waist to sit on my hips and if it moved up to my waist!? well that was okay too. The length of the leg was also important, the jumpsuit had to look good in heels and bag about my ankles when I walked in my sandals you know the look? effortless, casual chic perhaps? It was important that I could get this thing to work a day to night kinda look.


The cut of this weeks challenge was extremely basic as you can imagine; a pair of baggy pants with the crotch cut lower than normal, I cut this all in one piece so there is a seam straight up the middle and back, the normal waistline was extended up and tapered in a little to avoid the illusion of too much bulk especially with that wavy horizontal pattern I needed to be careful. Measurements were taken to ensure the elastic was correctly positioned just below the waistline. and of course there are pockets for me to sink my hands into, there had to be; adding pockets gave this outfit—lets call it, added chic?


I also added a tie that I could just leave hanging or tie around my neck, I prefer the latter.

These photos were taken in a lovely park just 5 minutes from our home. Here I’m standing in an amphitheatre, I belted out my best version of Portishead’s-Wandering Star, well I thought I sounded great with all that reverb going on, hubby told me it’s best I stick to the sewing.


I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my previous garments, I appreciate your lovely words very much.

Happy happy sewing.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Jumpstastic, Kazz! I’ve got this wide-legged pants pattern and considered drafting it into a jumpsuit like this (of course, straps would be required for me). Yours has given me the nudge I needed to plan one for spring.

  2. That jumpsuit in that fabric is fantastic!

  3. love that fabric for that project. Sometimes it was just meant to be!

  4. awesomeness as usual! this is one of the very few jumpsuits i’ve seen that i’ve loved!

    • Thank you Beth, thank goodness for sewing hey? if I were to buy this jumpsuit the shape just wouldn’t be what I was after or I would have to pay through the nose for the right fit. We’re a lucky bunch we are.

  5. The jumpsuit is high voltage missoni! Love it. Where are those beautiful wood doors in the first picture. They remind me of Frida Kahlo’s Azule house.

    • Best compliment ever!! Just had a look on their website the pattern on the fabric is very similar. Aren’t those doors the business? 5minutes from my house in the local park gorgeous hey?? Thanks Krista

  6. I love your jumpsuit Kazz, and I love Portishead, that park is amazing, how good is Melbourne?! T x

  7. Kazz lady, another amazing creation!

  8. It looks great on you! I love that you have an exact idea of what you wanted and created it to match with that perfectly!

  9. Very Missoni! I keep seeing loads of great jumpsuits on here.

  10. This is such a fun outfit! Your creations are just so amazing and I heart that second photo, such a fab background!

  11. Love it! This is what I love about Sew Weekly….although I’m making strides learning how to sew the basics and very proud of how I’m progressing, there’s so many of you with more experience under your belts inspiring me with incredible creations to shout “you could be doing stuff like this too if you keep it up!”. And not just that, I adore the effort you put into making your photos look so interesting….you are an inspiration!

  12. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT! Kazz, look what you’re doing to me!!! :) Fantastic job!

  13. I wish I could wear these creations that you make! They look so fantastic on you!

  14. I love this jumpsuit! It’s radical on so many levels.

  15. Kazz, you are a wandering star! I thought this was Missoni, too! This jumpsuit is killer, and has made me revise my former view on them. The public art & amphitheatre are so inviting. Now to put on some Dummy and chill for a bit…

  16. Wow, these photos are so awesome that I’m surprised they didn’t make this week’s featured creation! I love how you pull off this jumpsuit!

  17. I love the outfits that you can pull off – I’m too darn conservative in my clothing choices.

  18. You are incredibly gifted when it comes to everything! Love your outfit and photos! I can’ wait to see what you do next.

  19. Love love love your fabulous prints that you use – this jumpsuit is a dream and very chic :)