Hot! The “Touch of Pink” Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: 1 yard poly/rayon glen-plaid suiting, $5; 1 yard polyester hang-free lining, $3, both from Hancock
Pattern: Simplicity 2451, $0 (third use)
Year:  2010
Notions: 7″ invisible zipper, $0.80; dyed lace, from stash
Time to complete: ~7 hours
First worn: Sunday, downtown
Wear again? Occasionally
Total cost: ~$9

Ladies, let me tell you… last week, I felt a bit guilty because the weather was mild for my Down Under post. Mother Nature sure made up for that this week! It was cold and very windy but, I braved it just for you!

According to my draft on Pattern Review, I’ve had this cut since September! I had just purchased a few yards of very nice wool, while on vacation, which I wanted to use for skirts. I almost never make muslins but, with the high cost of this wool, I wanted to test the pattern on a cheaper fabric. This poly/rayon suiting was the closest in weight that Hancock carried.

Well-intentioned as I was, I only got as far as cutting the suiting and sewing the front pleats. Then, because I couldn’t think of the best way to line the back vent, I put the skirt away, in favor of an unlined corduroy version. And then another cord skirt. And another.

The first cord skirt helped me see that this pattern, though great, was not the look I wanted for the wool. (The second helped me chose the right one.) So, this half-cut project stayed in the closet. But, it’s not as though I could make anything else from it and I felt guilty for tucking it away. When I saw the UFO challenge go up, I knew it was time to finish it. Luckily, the Made This Look challenge had pushed me to work out the confusing vent so, I knew this UFO would now be a piece of cake.

And it was…for the most part…once I stopped procrastinating. Yes, even after I chose it, I ignored it all week.

I did tweak the pattern a touch. I added a side pocket, instead of the visible ones included with the pattern, as I didn’t want to break up the plaid. Ok, I’m lying…I actually didn’t give two hoots about the plaid this time. Remember I said I’d already cut the outer fabric? Well, the pocket had to be in the side seam because I didn’t have enough suiting left over to re-cut the front and originally, I had omitted the pockets to give it a dressier look. This second time around, it occurred to me that, between the pattern choice and the synthetic fabric, it wanted to be a casual skirt. Casual skirts are for running errands. Running errands means I needed a pocket to hold my keys. Or a hand. So, I added a pocket. Why only one, you ask? I chose to use the nicer Bemberg from my sateen dress for the pocket, and I could only squeeze two pieces out if it.

Wow, that was totally off the point!

Anywho… There’s really nothing special about the skirt but it’s finally done and I’m pleased with it. I think the glen-plaid gives it a classic look and the touch of pink keeps it casual and youthful. It can sleep soundly tonight knowing it will get a bit of use in the coming months.



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. Very nice. Like the shaped waistband on that skirt.

  2. Pockets on one side only sounds like a trend for 2012! ;) The skirt looks great!

  3. I love the skirt – it’s simple but still has such a pretty design. Great photos too!

  4. Cute skirt, nice the way the fabric pattern is centered.

  5. It’s great to have some wardrobe staples, and this is certainly very cute.

  6. Adorable! Love your photos with trains.

  7. Love the skirt, and the photos!

  8. Lovely skirt, and your photo shoot is fabulous :) Well done for finishing!

  9. Really, really cute! This suits you perfectly! This is one of the first patterns I bought, but I don’t understand how to do vents, either!

  10. Super cute skirt! What a great spot for pictures too.

  11. I really like this! It’s simple but stylish and it would be a great office workhorse.

  12. I heart! good job pulling it together.

  13. gotta say – your idea of a casual skirt is way more flash than mine. Very nice!

  14. This is so cute! I love the story, and that there is one lonely pocket. You’ll always know where your keys are :)

  15. Fantastic job on this great skirt Jennifer, you can dress her up or down, versatile!! LOVE IT