Hot! The “Too Much Momentum” blouse

The Facts

⁃ Fabric: red gauze/cotton/linen (?) from stash
⁃ Pattern: Burdastyle Magazine 10/2010 #118 B
⁃ Year: 2010
⁃ Notions: self-made bias tape, button
⁃ Time to complete: about 3 hours
⁃ First worn: February 12, 2012
⁃ Wear again? Yes!
⁃ Total price: Everything was from my stash!

My dears, this post almost didn’t happen.
I had the perfect idea for this week’s theme just on Friday, and it involved a book that I forgot at my boyfriend’s place, in another city. On Saturday morning I managed to get my hands on the book, but I was busy and couldn’t start working on it.
I had to delegate and ask my mother to make me photocopies of said book in order to use the pattern I needed (how very mysterious I’m being…) and she utterly crashed my trust by giving me cropped, unusable copies.
By that time, it was Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t leave the house for more copies because of the snow and I was so angry because I could not make this dress (that, of course, was the most beautiful creation of the world in my head) that I just broke down and gave up. Yes, I’m slightly dramatic when it comes to sewing. I watched a movie to distract me and then I went to work.
And right then, while I was serving boar meat (I’m a waitress) to a bunch of people, I realised that I could not give up. I’m not a quitter!
I started motivating myself to the point of thinking that since I’m the only Italian contributor at The Sew Weekly, and Saint Valentine was Italian, I HAD to create something this week for the sake of my country (did I say that I’m slightly dramatic when it comes to sewing?).


So I woke up early Sunday morning and before lunch I had this super cute, engine red blouse in my hands. Ah, the power of the mind!
There’s not too much to say about the construction, it is a fairly easy pattern and I didn’t cut any corners, in fact it’s all French-seamed inside. And since everyone liked the photos in the snow last week (btw, THANK YOU for your comments, they were so incredibly heart warming!) I stepped out once again, but this time I was mentally prepared, so I’m much more satisfied with the photos.

p.s. The name of this blouse comes from the lyrics of this song by Against Me!, which happens to be “our” song. I thought it was the perfect romantic touch for Valentine’s Day.



Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. I really do like your blouse. Very classy, I’m glad you didn’t give up! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Anna! I can’t believe you whipped this up in one morning. You are so talented! I’m so happy that you didn’t give up, because this is one fantastic blouse. That color red looks fabulous on you!

    Also, I’m rabidly curious about this amazing dress you had planned. Tell me you’re going to sew it up still, because I’m dying to see it! :)

  3. I love the collar detail and the way the skirt works.

  4. I am in love with this blouse! I love bows and this is bow-tastic!

  5. I’m so glad to see this pattern made up again. I have wanted to make it for a long time, but couldn’t get past a couple poor reviews I’ve seen. I think I may be able to go ahead with it now, as yours looks awesome.

    • Thank you!
      If you make it, just know that the fit is very boxy. I usually wear form fitting tops, so I don’t like it at all when it’s untucked, but I find it works very well with high waisted skirts. Also, as you can see in the last photo, the slit at the front is very deep. I think iy could be shortened quite a lot.

  6. Very lovely, I really like that little-checked bias tape you used in the collar. You look wonderful against that backdrop of snow. It really makes your outfits pop!

  7. How vibrant you look against the snow. It’s a sweet blouse and I love the skirt too.

    • I’ve learnt to love the snow as a backdrop, it was great to make the red pop.
      The skirt is one of my most fortunate second-hand acquisitions, I love it.

  8. I love your blouse it’s so bold and looks absolutely brilliant against the winter white background. Glad to stuck with it. I do love that Against Me Album it’s one of my favs and Tegans voice really complement his. Fab choice.

    • Thank you, Kazz! I’m too stubborn to give up (again, the Capricorn thing that you probably get).
      That album is one of my favs too, I blew my mind the first I heard it, it was a sound I had never heard before!

  9. Anna,
    Absolutely lovely. I love a solid red with plaid! I’m a bit in awe that you managed to complete this in one morning as well!

  10. Such a vibrant colour, I love it! I also just frustrated if something conspire to whisk away my sewing time (which seems to be happening this week.)

  11. Fantastico! The gingham trim is so sweet and the pussy boy – so cool. My husband is half Italian (born in Aus.) – you don’t need to tell me about italian drama!

  12. We watched I Am Love this weekend, and in my mind, that’s what I’m calling your lovely, dramatic Italian blouse :) The huge pussy bow is fantastic, and just the type I want to modify onto the Jasmine pattern.

    • Ooh, that’s a great idea for the Jasmine pattern!
      Thank you so much for your comment, you always manage to make me laugh out loud and feel mushy inside at the same time :)

  13. This color is stunning on you, and I love it paired with this skirt!! Bravo for not giving up – it looks just fantastic.