Hot! The “Tattoo” Shirt

The Facts
Fabric: a lightweight denim
Pattern: The shirt from Sew U by Wendy Mullin
Year: 2006
Notions: embroidery floss, pearl snaps
Time to finish: a few hours
First worn: February 2012
Wear again? Maybe

Total price: I’m not sure, less then $10?

I started this shirt back in the spring of 2010. I did the embroidery, sewed the yokes onto the shirt and left it. I was really surprised that had all of the pieces still, I’ve moved so many times. I cut this shirt out back in my “interfacing has no purpose” and “notches are stupid” days so I added interfacing back in and eyeballed it for the lining things up.

On the back I think I put Ursa Major, Orion and another constellation that I don’t remember.

Why is it called the “Tattoo” Shirt, you ask? Because I based the yoke work off my wrist tattoo.

I’m not sure if I’ll wear this shirt again, I’m not too proud of the construction. I’m not going to win any best topstitching  awards with it, but it’s alright because I can see how far my sewing skills have come.

I was inspired this week to work on some more UFOs, I did some work on a corset I was started a few years ago, and I sewed the shroud for my dark box for doing tintypes (it’s like a portable darkroom). It feels so good to finish projects!

I think I got the rocket and saturn patterns from Sublime Stitching  by Jenny Hart.



Victoria is a recent college graduate who is starting to work on projects for herself rather than for homework. She is mostly a photographer and is working on getting back to sewing.


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  1. Shirts can be time-consuming and frustrating. Kudos to you for finishing it up complete with snaps and the unique embroidery. It could turn into a great keepsake. Hang on to it!

  2. “I cut this shirt out back in my ‘interfacing has no purpose’ and ‘notches are stupid’ days…”

    I love this. :)

    I’m tackling a shirt for an upcoming challenge. Thankfully, there’s no yoke to deal with. But I think this cut looks very nice.

  3. I adore embroidery! And the Sublime Stitching patterns are my favorite. I love how yours are sentimental. Great job.

  4. I do like this and that you’ve use your tatt for the inspiration.

    it took me a while to get the idea of interfacing and it too me even longer to get the idea of good interfacing. I’ll still use crappy stuff on things that I don’t put too much value on, but I’m getting better. (I still iron it on throughout the sewing rather than have it all done and ready to go before I sew my first stitch).

  5. Hi Victoria, love the stitching and how it adds a uniqueness to the garment. I just discovered that their are several weights of interfacing, who knew? Can’t wait to learn why. The buttons look super cool.

  6. Yes! Wear it again! 3 things: embroidery (SS, no less) pearl snaps! tattoo matching! Oh, when I look back at my days of scoffing at interfacing… Also, you make tintypes? Very cool.