Hot! The “Take Me To Your Leader” Outfit


I’m going to be honest with you-there is only one UFO in my stash and I’m still not ready to pull it out. So I decided to let myself be inspired by the other meaning of UFO  and set my sights beyond this world to a galaxy far, far away. After looking through some images online I picked two features to highlight in my projects. One is silver. I noticed a lot of it-especially in the older TV shows like the British TV series UFO and Mork and Mindy. The second is the strong shoulder or shoulder detail-usually created by their uniform.


Like many of you it’s important to me that the clothes I make are things I would actually wear. So it took me a while to decide what to make. I finally settled on a pair of denim ankle pants and a T. So here are the facts:

Patterns: Butterick B5682 style A and B5562 style B

Fabric: 2 1/4 yds. silver coated french denim $5.99/yd. and 1 5/8 yds. white stretch jersey $3.99/yd.

Notions: 7in. zipper $1.90, 3 buttons $3.00, and silver thread $2.70

Final Price: about $30

Wear Again?: Yes-I wore the pants to church this morning and I plan to wear the outfit with my vintage Gucci blazer to The Working Wardrobe book launch party at the end of the month.


I love the this outfit! I did have some trouble with the zipper in the pants. I like to use these big chunky plastic zippers which are usually not a problem. With this pattern it was problem (more on that in a bit). After completing construction on the front and back of the pants I stitched them together using long stitches so that I could get the fit right. I wanted them to fit like a glove and since the denim had a stretch to it I knew I could bring them in nice and snug without worrying about being able to bend. After taking them in along the legs and upper back inseam I resewed them and over locked all the seams. Next time I use this pattern I’ll add an inch or two to the length since the length was right where I wanted it to be before I hemmed them. I decided to finish the raw edges and bring them up only 1/4 of an inch. After adding the buttonhole and button I was excited to try them on. Once they were on I saw that the zipper head was too big and popped out the side. I tried sewing a hook and eye to help keep it closed but it looked terrible so I took the zipper out and made it a buttonfly. I think it looks pretty good.

I made some changes to the top. I decided to make pleats along the shoulder instead of gathering the fabric. I also decided to omit the elastic all together. There is a strip along the top of the sleeve running down the middle and then 2 strips on the bottom of the sleeves. I liked the extra long sleeve the way it was. I brought the sides in a bit and made the sleeves narrower too.

I’d like to try a version of these pants with a lower waist. Maybe in a future challenge.

For the pictures I am wearing my bob wig and, though you can’t really see it, I drew in eyebrows like Spock. I’m standing in front of the Observatory at Northwestern University. They’re only open to the public on Friday nights and I didn’t finish until Saturday so we went for the next best thing.

Wish I could take you all to the party with me!







Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. That is an amazing outfit! Those pants are to die for. I like the button fly, that was a great idea instead of the zipper. The pleats give the blouse a slight military look, which goes well with the pants and the theme. I love your photos! you really look like someone from another planet, someone who might say “We are of peace” like Queen Ana from “V”.

    • Thanks! I’d wear this outfit everyday if I could. I’ll tell my husband you liked the photos-he really worked hard to get the pictures the way I wanted them.

  2. The entire outfit is fabulous! I recently added that jeans pattern to my stash, and after seeing your post, I’ll be using it sooner than later!

    • Here’s a tip for the pants. I didn’t think the fly opening is long enough so if I were you I’d lengthen it. At first I thought maybe I’d done something wrong but when you look closely at the illustration you can see that it’s pretty short. Maybe we’ll see the pants in a future challenge. Thanks for the compliment-

  3. This is just fantastic, I’m speachless!

  4. Brilliant! I love how you’ve interpreted this challenge, especially going so far as to have Spock eyebrows. :-)

  5. Awesome! Love your pants, they fit so well and look totally fab!

  6. Out of this world!

  7. Great work – such precision, my brother and I had pet turtles called Mork and Mindy -true story!

  8. I love it when a theme is interpreted in a way that never even crossed my mind! The pants are brilliant (such cool fabric) and I do like the top – it gives the look of UFO if that’s what you’re thinking, else its just a very pretty top.

  9. My mom and I are gawking over your pants. They’re out of this world! hee hee :)

  10. Hah! I love your interpretation of UFO, and the pants are awesome.

  11. Love your interpretation and your spock eyebrows!

  12. Wowww , I really love your jeans x

  13. Awesome! The entire outfit is great, love the button fly, length, styling, everything!

  14. I love the whole ensemble – it’s just fantastic!

  15. Thanks Everyone! You ladies make it all so much fun!