The Sweetie Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Vintage cotton from inherited stash, new cotton voile for lining
Pattern: Simplicity 5525
Year: 1983
Notions: Thrifted zip, button from stash
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: Valentines day  2012 – for about 20min (explained at the end of post)
Wear again? yes

Total Cost: ~$8

How cute is this fabric! and free to boot. Only downer is paying for the new cotton voile I needed to line it. (actually the lining was already in my stash… I bought a bit extra last time I needed it.)

There isn’t much to say about this skirt. It’s pretty straight forward. It has a curved yoke band (no darts) with the skirt portion gathered on. I used navy cotton voile to line it and so instead of interfacing for the waistband I used a piece of lining fabric. I wanted to make sure that the waistband didn’t look a different shade to the rest of the skirt. I think it would have if it was lined with white interfacing.

I did discover a neat new trick for getting the waist the perfect size though. I allowed myself too much room in the wiat and before I attached the waistband I tried it on and found it was 4cm too big. I seem to do this almost every single time I make a skirt. rrrrgh. I ran a gathering stich around the wiast thinking ‘oh well, so it’ll be gathered at the waist. no biggie’ and discovered that I was able to just ease the 4cm out without any noticeable gathering. SWEET! I’m going to do this everytime I attach a waistband now to get a perfect fit.

And just because I feel like sharing… I walked to the coffee shop up the road with my husband and daughter straight after these photos for a little valentines day breakfast. 10min later I was sporting projectile vomit from miss two! Yay for public humiliation. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Casey Sew

Casey Sew joined the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle in 2011 and completed 38 challenges. Casey learned to sew first from her mother, and then during an Advanced Diploma of Fashion course she completed 10 years ago. Her sewing supplies are generally thrifted or vintage passed on by family.


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  1. I love this skirt, the pattern, the fabric, the whole shebang! Your top is lovely as well, H&M? Also, I do hope you make those pants from the same pattern – they are AWESOME!

    • Thanks Bethany! no H&M in this neck of the woods.. my top is from good old Big W. lol. .. but seriously.. I have been thinking about those pants!

  2. What a gorgeous print Casey! I do love a dirndl skirt x

  3. Sweet indeed! I do like the way the yoke sits and the fabric is just plain cute.

  4. I love the pattern, hope the vomit washed out OK :0S
    It’s a very nice skirt – so well fitting

  5. I made a ra-ra skirt in the 80’s (remember those?!) in red with coloured splashes on it and this reminds me so much of that, I am smiling now :-))). Great skirt.

    • so glad I made you smile Diane. I had a ra ra. it was all different print fabrics in black and white, teamed with a black woven crop tank with a ruffle hem. It was my fave outfit. I thought I was so cool. (no photos though… it’s all in my memory only.)

  6. Your skirt is cute. Projectile vomit is always a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hope the little one felt better and the vomit washed out. :D

  7. Very cute all round! Great job!

  8. The skirt is awesome, what wonderful things we endure for being parents huh?

  9. Love the skirt and fabric, not so much the vomit teehee!

  10. Oh, feel better. Love the skirt and cool sharing on the waistband, I’ll keep that in mind to try.

  11. What fabulous fabric! Such a perfect skirt! YAY!

  12. This is super cute! Love the fabric but sorry to hear about the puking :(

  13. The skirt is fabulous, but I’m sorry about the great adventure that happened afterwards! Ah, memories… hopefully it washed out OK!

  14. Perfect, perfect fabric, perfect length, she is just darling Casey.