Hot! The “sew grateful for Judy” skirt

Fabric: Navy blue needlecord from and quilting cotton from the lining that I bought from Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones when she was destashing last year

Pattern: Colette Beignet 

Year: Contemporary

Notions: 12 buttons self-covered by little old me, piping also made by me

Time to complete: Eons….. about 5 sessions at sewing class, one evening cutting out, the duration of Peter Pan to make the 12 covered buttons, the duration of a feature length Poirot to sew them on and an afternoon while my daughter was at church Film Club to finally finish putting it together and do the buttonholes

First worn: I’ll wear it to a WI lunch this week

Wear again: I hope so after all this work

Total price: not much of a clue really, the pattern was a Christmas gift, the cord about £15, the cotton was not very expensive, let’s call it £3, notions about £4. In all about £22 I guess. (Unless you include the price of sewing class in which case it cost about £60, argh)

This skirt was only finished because the lovely Judy Roberson sent me a supportive message. Most of you will know Judy from the sewweekly community page.

Confession: before I joined sewweekly I used to think that people who had online friends who they didn’t actually know in real life were actually a bit weird. I was so, so wrong. Judy’s support over the last year has meant such a lot to me. She always thinks of others before herself. This skirt, although it was easy to put together, had become one of those dragged out experiences that was going nowhere – it started as the buttonhole challenge and is a lovely pattern but I just wasn’t getting it done. A little nudge from Judy and voilà: finished!

Anyway, this week I am especially thinking of Judy because her husband of 40 years Kenny is having another surgery on Valentine’s Day. I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers that all goes well Judy xxxxx

PS sorry I made you all look at a photo of my bum – Judy that’s what you Americans call a butt, I think….



Charlotte Tilley

Charlotte Tilley sewed a dress in 1988 on her mother's machine. Then nothing for over 20 years. She came out of hibernation to sew along with sewweekly for the last year. She has learnt alot, but has a long long way to go.....


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  1. Three Cheers for Judy! – and your own self for finishing what is a most beautiful skirt. I love the lining and piping and covered buttons – what gorgeous fabric, and don’t worry, everything that you learned in class will be used again and again and the cost will be so worthwhile.

    • Hey Jen… Charolette is just being sweet.. I didnt do anything…ha But I am thrilled to see pictures of this beautiful skirt.. Love those buttons and the piping too..wonderful skirt.

  2. That is gorgeous – love the lining! So glad you got it finished too and look forward to the next creation. Thoughts and best wishes to Judy too.

  3. Thanks Jen, the piping was the suggestion of my sewing teacher and I am really pleased with it. Definitely worth £40 (!). Class is really fun, I need a new project to take there tonight now…. I am just glad to actually get something finished! x

  4. Oh I just love Judy too! She’s such a sweetheart. Well done on your skirt Charlotte, it looks so professional. The piping, buttons and lining is inspired… your sewing classes are obviously going well!

    • Thankyou you too.. All you girls are just about to make me cry.ha [and I know, Kenny would laugh and tell me..I really have ya’ll fooled.ha]..

  5. I don’t know what happened to my comment! I left one ages ago and it’s disappeared … love the skirt, especially the lining. Thoughts and best wishes to Judy too.

  6. Thanks Casey and diane, I am actually very proud of the lining. That’s a sentence I never thought I would say! x

  7. Charlotte, what a lovely skirt and lovely tribute to Judy!

  8. I love the idea of using piping on the beignet, looks great.

  9. Thanks Lee and sorbetsurprise – I’m afraid I can’t claim the piping idea, my sewing teacher suggested it when she saw my lining fabric – clever isn’t it? She’s very talented. Thanks for your comments x

  10. It’s exquisite … And what a lovely thing dedicating to Judy, she indeed is a wonderful friend to all of us…

  11. Charolette, You are FANTASTIC..How sweet to name your skirt project after me.. It has been a loooong, difficult day and my sweet sewing buddy , just made my day.. thankyou..Now Charolette…if Kenny was feeling better…and heard the sweet comments..he would probably tell you… “boy Charolette, That girl has got you all fooled?!!!!ha”
    LOVE your skirt, looks fantastic on you. So proud its finshed.and I never heard the “butt” called a “bum”..Here a bum is a no good person ,who won’t work.hahahha..bty..I love the snowman,fun..

    Thankyou all. I apprecaite all my sewing blog friends..

  12. I am so pleased you like my post Judy, if it cheered you up then I am thrilled. We have all been thinking of you and Kenny x