Hot! The Rollicking, Frolicking, All Around Good Time Dress

The Facts

Fabric: red flowered cotton from stash, white bed sheet for lining
Pattern: Butterick 4443, View E
Year: 2009-2010
Notions: zipper, embroidery floss
Time to complete: six hours
First worn: January 29, 2012
Wear Again: Most definitely for my upcoming vacation!

Price: $3 (floss and zipper)

Friends, I recently acquired a Groupon to a local fabric store, which I used to buy Diana Rupp’s Embroider Everything Workshop. The book is full of eye candy projects, and in an effort to get a head start on my embroidering adventure, I decided to use embroidery to spice up this dress pattern.  The dress could also be known as the Sampler Dress, since I used it to practice the Split Stitch, which I had never done before trying it out on the neckline. I used bright yellow for the floss and zipper as I wanted to break up the red a little.  I may end up making a yellow belt for this outfit, but right now I am reveling in the fact that my flowers line up on the skirt and bodice.

This flowery red cotton has been in my stash for about four years, and I knew it was destined to be a dress.  It was only with the arrival of this challenge that I was finally inspired to make Butterick 4443. I omitted the shoulder tie – it’s just not my thing. I lined the skirt and bodice with an old bed sheet to give this lightweight cotton more weight – I like to reduce my up-skirt chances as often as I am able.

Front and back views.  I apologize for the faces – I was hoping my photographer would see my clouds of breath.  It was a tropical 29 degrees Fahrenheit during this photo shoot.

Overall, I’m completely pleased with this dress – it will be perfect for summer and my long awaited vacay!  The only problem is it might be too short for playing on the park equipment…



Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. Hi Meg, love the embroidery stitch around the neck and the fabric is beautiful.

  2. ‘rollicking’ is the best word for this dress. I like how the small line of stitches adds so much to the finished product.

  3. Very cute!! The yellow is a nice touch.

  4. So cute! That’s a great embellishment, using your new embroidery stitch around the neck. Fun photos too!

  5. This is so cute! I love the embroidery- it adds such a special finish :D

  6. You are so hard core braving the temp– I didn’t even consider going out there! Nice split stitch and matching zip. I love the carefree shape, perfect for vacation.

  7. the red is so great for you and i love the embroidery. i can’t even imagine what the temps were like in chicago while you were taking those photos!

  8. Nice dress Meg! I know what you mean about the upskirt opportunities: I was wearing an unlined skirt with tights the other day, and while I walked to work it bunched its way up in the back until my arse was hanging out. I didn’t notice until I got to the lab, and no one even told me!!!

    Where are you going on vacation? And you don’t have any snow in Chicago with those temps?

  9. Hahaha very cute! I love that dress – it’s a great silhouette. But yeah, maybe stay off the monkey bars ;)

  10. Love the stitching. I’m glad to see someone adding things like that. I hope to incorporate such things into my designs. Good job.

  11. I love the dress design, it’s lovely! Well done!

  12. Cute! Loving the red and yellow – so much fun! :-)

  13. Fantastic dress Meg as always, gorgeous embroidery too. Love it! That book looks very tempting.

  14. Fabulous! The yellow really takes this to the next level – love it!