Hot! The “Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines” Dress at Saks

The Facts

Fabric: Red Snakeskin Jersey from Moods
Pattern: Butterick B5278
Year: 2010
Notions: Self Covered Buttons, Light Weight Stretch Interfacing & Thread
Time to Complete: 8 Hours
First worn: Photoshoot
Wear again? After I “ReFashion” the bottom

Total Price: $38

I walk by Saks Fifth Avenue store everyday on my way to work. They unveiled their Valentine’s windows and I couldn’t resist picturing myself in one. The “Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines” Dress was quite an challenge. First, shopping for fabric at Moods was overwhelming and it took me hours to get through all the choices. I fell “in loooooove” with the Red Snakeskin fabric design. Quickly learned that this fabric was going to be a pain in the you know what. I couldn’t iron it with any heat not even on the inside of this fabric. So I steamed the whole thing to work out the wrinkles. Second, somehow the top fit well but the bottom looks 2 sizes smaller. Look at the photo on the front of the pattern. I tried to selvage the bottom length by doing a lettuce hem with the serger but the shaping turned ugly. I do love the top and the covered buttons, but I won’t be wearing this dress out of the house until I replace the bottom half. I paired the dress with my favorite necklace, a Wedding Anniversary gift from my husband whom I love and adore. Happy Valentine’s Day to All.

The "Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines" Dress Front Detail

















The "Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines" Dress Covered Button Detail

The "Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines" Dress Front View

The "Red Hot Cha Cha Valentines" Dress Back View



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. Excellent fit and knock-out fabric! The hem looks fine in the photos, but definitely prioritize fixing it if you must. This dress deserves to be seen in public.

  2. You look babe-a-licious in that store window!

  3. Najah has nailed it. It’s a great looking dress and the fit and styling are first rate but if you aren’t happy with the skirt you won’t wear it and it really should be worn.

    • Thanks Jen. I will thinking of recutting the bottom in a camel color and maybe adding some horse hair hem to make a full circle shirt.

  4. What a great photoshoot! I am also with Najah

    • Thanks Charlotte, I haven’t taken a stab at a “Refashion ” but I’m getting some ideas reading through some of the other stories in sew weekly.

  5. Wow, amazing dress!! You look fantastic. Very cool pattern.

  6. You fit in so well in the first picture, I didn’t even realise what you had done, had to look twice before I saw you there!
    Great dress, bravo!

  7. Nice photo-chop! Love the dress and the details. Nice red-hot dress!

  8. What amazing fabric! I’ve had the same problem with knit dress patterns – the bottom half is never a flared/gathered/normal sized as it looks on the pattern cover!

    • Wow, good to know Lisette. I’m going to cut a new bottom and used maybe the patter from my MTL challenge or maybe I should just grade up the pattern.

  9. It looks great, I have never seen fabric like that before!

  10. That is some awesome Photoshopping you have going on! I had to look twice at the Saks window shot.

  11. I agree with Najah also – it definitely needs to be worn because that fabric is incredible :)

  12. Thanks Meg, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the bottom but right now I’m sewing my first petticoat to wear with my next challenge.

  13. Krista you look red hot, cha cha cha ching! great job and I love your little photo shopped piccy up there, shadow and all hehe fabulous.

  14. Thanks Kazz. Wait till you see next weeks challenge. I’m stoked about the photo shot.

  15. Yes, work some magic on this soon, because it is too sassy to hide in a UFO pile.

    • Funny you should mention I was reworking it this one over the weekend. I figured I could use for the assignment. I did something very radical and combined with a merrimeko design.