Hot! The ” Pssss Its all so quiet ” Meringue skirt


SW Theme: UFO. I didn’t had an unfinished item but I had less than 1 metre {1 yard} of fabric scrap from my wool dress.

Fabric:100 % wool. A joy to sew and wear.

Size:Size 10 ( Uk 12)

Pattern:Colette Meringue Skirt

Year:2011/2012 [Modern]

Notions: A small zipper from Brazil.[3 cm] They were supposed to be used for pockets. I just loved the idea of an exposed zipper and I didn’t had any other I could used and Im trying to limit my buys and be creative with what I already have.

Time to complete: 1 Hour and a bit in total. Although I spend almost an afternoon because I keep being distracted by HRH and other domestic tasks. This is very simple to make and so on trend!

Did the pattern turn out like the picture or drawing? Yes.

Did you make any alterations or modifications? Yes, To fit on my fabric metre I had the scallops cut separately. No other modification.That’s why I love making skirts or pants!

First worn: Feb 2012

Will you make it again? Yes. I cannot take off…LOVE IT!

Did you use new skills or a particular skill: No, I should use the hand sewing as explained on the book and I unfortunately preferred the “fast option” to be able to participate on the SW challenge. This year I feel I will want to slow down to allow more learning but I also want to join in on the challenges so my clothes it will be a mix of the two. I will cut corners if I feel the quality won’t get overlooked as I want to make very good quality items.The skirt still look lovely on the insides as the outside.

Total cost: As I clean my 5 bags {2 years worth of} scraps and left over from other projects I manage to find loads of potential 1 metre or more on the scraps and I was delighted to dig in and start reducing my forgotten stash. the Zipper was a gift.


House of Pinheiro

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  1. I love the skirt and the top. Nice!

  2. Gorgeous skirt! Nice job. :-) I like how the scallops are cut separately, it adds a cute detail to the skirt.

  3. That is a sharp skirt! Cutting the scallops separately was a sensible use of the fabric available but has really given a whole different styling. (and I love that song!)

  4. Goes so well with the orange top :)

  5. Very cute. I would have never thought to put the scalloped edge on separately. Great stash busting for sure!

  6. thanks girls, sorry of the *sad*face its -9 in the Uk and these brazilian bones are not ready to be outside for long ! xx

  7. The whole outfit looks fantastic on you– great color combination. And congratulations of making a beautiful skirt from a leftover scrap!

  8. I love your meringue and the blouse looks great with it too!

  9. Love this! Well done on making do with your little bit of fabric. Too awesome!

  10. Lovely skirt and I like the scarf belt with it!

  11. A fabulous skirt! I love it combined with that top – a great ensemble!