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I love that jacket up there, I spied it in my new favourite fashion book ‘New African Fashion’ by Helen Jennings the designer, Gloria Wavamunno. I just love the cut of the sleeve along with the ankara fabric to me, this makes my heart sing but first lets fill out The facts before I get too excited.

The Facts

Fabric: Black suiting fabric from Rathdowne Fabrics $5 a metre, Rayon Ankara inspired fabric, Lining- Anglaise from LeStash. Interfacing, Piping (handmade Why? who really knows).
Pattern: McCall’s M4928.
Year: 2005.
Notions: Shoulder pads and two big buttons pulled from an old coat that has seen better days.
Time to complete: about 10 CD’s and 1 ‘This American Life’ podcast.
First worn: for the photo’s.
Wear again: over and over.
Total price:approx tweentybuckaroonies. | DownUnder Challenge

Remember when the Balmain jacket was big a couple of years back? you would see this baby on the hot shoulders of some fancy model or socialite on Jak & Jill Blog doing her best walk for Tommy Tom in a gorgeous pair of Louboutins, I would right-click and save these images to my “one day I’m going to make that little piece of awesomeness’ folder on my hard drive. I really want to be that person, the person who can see something and sew it to the best of her ability. The sleeves are a slightly different shape but whose judging, the silhouette of this jacket is exactly what I was after. | DownUnder ChallengeHere is the jacket standing in a vacant laneway in Fitzroy Melbourne with a face that is trying really hard not to laugh, hubby was yelling out ‘come on baby work it’ and then fell flat on his arse in the process it was a funny moment so much so I almost twisted my ankle in my favourite red-hot wedges on the uneven ground from laughter. If there were any onlookers they would of thought we were liquored up. | DownUnder Challenge

so I think it’s best I hold on to something and talk more about the construction of this jacket. This pattern has always been a breeze to work with in fact it’s my go-to jacket pattern. I omitted the pockets, I wanted the black and white gingham piping to run down the side front panels and the side back panels to break things up a bit, it adds more definition and gives the back detail something to talk about because the ankara is only on the front. The ankara is rayon so I cut the front panels in the suiting fabric for the ankara fabric to sit on, the inner front panels are of course interfaced. The lining is angalise I’m not too sure if this is suitable I’m working on culling from Le stash and I’m really not the kind of gal who sticks to the rules. It feels good on! I’m going with it. | DownUnder Cahllenge

Onto those sleeves, I copied the original sleeve onto butchers paper and modified the top extending and squaring off to give it that boxy look, this took a couple of goes to get it to the way I wanted it to sit, once I was happy I copied the extended section only along with the arch of the top of the jacket and cut this in the black suiting along with heavy interfacing applied to the top of the sleeve as well. Fitting the copied-smaller-piece to the jacket took sometime, I basted, tried her on and adjusted things until it sat right and then just went for it. It sits perfectly, it was well worth all the fussing about. | DownUnder Challenge

I didn’t follow the instructions sometimes I don’t, it slows me down and confuses me leaving me scratching my head saying what tha? I have little patience for the What Tha!! The last step was the collar, I sewed the bottom of the jacket closed and pulled it right way round through the collar opening. The collar went on famously, is this correct? in my sewing book it is.

So now I can say I’ve started on my winter wardrobe which will hopefully consist of ankara, ikat and mudcloth fabrics, channeling my fashion hero Erykah Badu, well this is the plan anyway.

Do you have a fashion hero?



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  1. Amazing, I love the outfit head to toe, I couldn’t wait to see what you would post! I don’t know how you kept a straight face, I would have lost it in giggle. But truly, I love it all down to the Red Shoes. Great photo shots, I feel like I’m being introduced to all sorts of special spots in Australia.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got some African prints but haven’t been sure what to do with them. I think you’re inspiring me!

  3. Gorgeous and perfect as always :D

  4. With that jacket…YOU are my fashion hero. Brilliant work, Kazz.

  5. Wow, I don’t know what’s better – the actual jacket or the way you wear it! Beautiful all round.

  6. Amazing! And I love your story of the pictures. You look gorgeous!

  7. Kazz! This is my absolute favourite thing you’ve made so far (and that’s saying something because I LOVE everything you make). THis jacket is just stunning and I love the way you’ve styled it! The behind the scenes tale of the pictures is just so funny too! Way to go!!

  8. Dazzling Kazz – boy, do you look sharp!

  9. All I can say is !!!!!!!

  10. OMG – the jacket is awesome? And I love the way you’ve styled it. Its a statement fabric in a classic shape, with really cool details. love Love LOVE!!!!!

  11. Great job, Kazz! Love the colors. So good to see you featured this week!!

  12. Well, Najah beat me to it! I too was going to say that with this jacket, you Kazz, are my fashion hero. Your hubby gets best sidekick award for risking life and bum while taking the shots.

  13. Totally rocking look. Perfect Jacket.

  14. Wow! The jacket is divine and fits your style. You are amazing!!!

  15. it takes a serious woman to pull off all of that look…and you make it seem effortless! really brilliant job.

  16. It’s a great silhouette! All those long lines, going up and out at the shoulders. That Balmain–40’s coats/jackets?–look is so strong. Your use of color and pattern takes it into a whole different realm! Fabulous…

  17. Wowza!! This is great. I don’t think I pull off those shoulders, but you do with pazazz. I really love how you measured your time with music and This American Life. :D

  18. Thank you Clarissa, I really enjoyed this challenge, music is always a major contributor to my sewing, love to sew and dance hehe

  19. I love this jacket! sigh….

  20. um yeah, i think YOU might be my fashion hero. you’re a kick ass sewing needle superhero.

  21. Wow- I love this! And as usual I am lusting after your shoes as well.

  22. So all week I’m thinking, “Where’s Kazz? Where’s Kazz’s coolness? She can’t be missing this one, is she?”. I shoulda’ known Mena would be saving your creation for Friday’s feature! Great version, and as usual, great photos and location.

    If I’m ever in Melbourne, we’re ON baby. That’s if this old lady can keep up with ya!

  23. Kazz I love your style! You are so Avant Garde in a good way.

  24. Holy Awesome! I missed the Balmain moment but I love love your jacket, what an inspiration. The gingham piping is a great detail and of course your redrafting of the sleeve tops is brilliant.

  25. Oh Kazz….I saw this and gasped! Your jacket is breathtaking, my friend – a completely exquisite piece of work. Yes, please wear this often, and with those amazing red wedges. Your style is AMAZING, and I ADORE your sleeves! Truly my favorite thing you have made :)