Hot! The “One Year in the Making” Skirt












                                         The Facts
Fabric: Mystery Fabric from Mum’s stash (free)
Pattern: Burda Style – Kasia (free)
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Invisible Zip ($2.50)
Time to complete: Over a year…
First worn: Out to dinner last night.
Wear again? Maybe, I don’t know.
Total price: $2.50

I started this skirt just shy of one whole year ago. It was the second garment that I made.
I modified the original pattern quite a bit (maybe a bit to keen for a brand new seamstress).
I omitted the front placard, the pockets and the back gathered patch detail.

The waist band is made out of several pieces and was a pain in the backside to piece together!

This is how far I got when I started the skirt over a year ago.

See how the side seam is all wrinkly? Back then I didn’t know what had caused it. Now I do; a very stupid novice error! Because of these wrinkly seams I tossed the skirt aside without finishing the hem and it has been sitting on a chair for almost a year waiting to be fixed up and finished.

And now I finally have!

I’m still not completely happy with the way this skirt turned out. And chances are if I wear it again it will be just with a long sleeve black tee and probably only to the movies or somewhere where it’s dark and people won’t really be looking at what I’m wearing.

I’ll be including more detailed photos on my blog as well as the (embarrassing)
reasons for the wrinkly seams (if you want to laugh at my expense…)



Anna is a Melbourne girl and started sewing early 2011 when her Mum suggested sewing clothes since Anna had such a difficult time finding RTW clothes that fit her well and suited her body shape. Little did Mum know that her suggestion would soon become Anna's obsession...


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  1. Red skirts and Red lipstick – two things every woman should have in her arsenal. Gotta love those rookie mistakes, but I do think you have salvaged it well.

  2. Lovely red skirt. Looks like your finished garment turned out exceptionally well. Way to perservere, Ana.

  3. I have a half finished Kasia myself, I didn’t have the energy to even get it out this week, but yours is lovely

  4. That’s it, you convinced me, I must try this pattern out soon! Such pretty styling too!

  5. lol you don’t need to wear this to a dark place – it looks great! And that’s terrific that you were able to figure out what was wrong with it through your time sewing!

  6. It looks great on you and we are all ashamed of our early sewing mistakes.