Hot! the “never let go” dress

The Facts:

Fabric: cream-colored cotton embroidered eyelet from B&J fabrics; green silk from paron annex; red(dish) silk charmeuse from mood fabrics
Pattern: vogue 8409 (dress), simplicity 2412 (slip dress), simplicity 1920 (belt)
Year: modern (dress and belt), c.1930s (slip dress)
Notions: zipper, leftover stash lace
Time to Complete: 8 hours
First Worn: February 22, 2012
Wear Again: Yes.
Total Price: the eyelet was pricy, like liberty of london pricey. definitely $50-$75 in total.
Challenge Theme: Academy Awards (Titanic, winner Best Picture 1998)

admit it.  you already know where i’m going with this.

although i toyed with the idea of grace kelly’s iconic pink ensemble from the driving scene in “to catch a thief” (one of my movie top 5s), this titanic gown had been on my board much longer and, coupled with my downton abbey obsession, took precedence over princess grace. i had been collecting photos of this dress for almost a year and had the fabric at least 8 or 9 months. i’d quickly settled on a pattern (vogue 8409) for a modern update on the look and even done some of my first pattern drafting EVER to make the sleeve more of a bell shape and to add a pleat in the back (just because i like pleats).

i could be king of the world...but look at all that ironing. kings don't have to iron, do they?

as usual i spent the entire week procrastinating on this dress, especially after my “red” project from last week got more complicated than i was interested in dealing with. this sort of thing is why they invented the three-day weekend–finally, rested and restless, i was ready to tackle a new project.

the dress is cut so that the scalloped, embroidered edge of the fabric forms its own hem. the rest of the dress has french seams, although i bollixed up the midriff construction and it is not as clean as i would like. i constructed the dress in the flat, which was oddly satisfying and definitely made all of the french seams cleaner. i used the slapdash sewist’s crossover SBA method for a fit that was surprisingly on-point.

but don’t get me started on the poorly-fitted, craptastic wonder that is my slip dress. i’ll get too depressed. at least it looks ok under the cotton eyelet.

i'll never let go...of how awesome that hem looks!




Devra is a New York-based photographer and sewer who tries to find time to do her day job in between bouts of crazed sewing.


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  1. How much does your cat love you! Do you think he/she would like to come and live at my house? Very pretty dress too!

  2. Sweet dress – I love the wonderful contrast of the sash. That is one affectionate cat. (p.s. I barracked for the ice berg)

  3. OMG, what a beautiful and loving cat. I can see what a big mush ball of cuddles. The dress looks awesome, love the contrast of color. I agree, Ironing, sew little time sew much to do.

  4. You’re right. That eyelet hem is quite nice.

  5. Moar kittehs!!!!!
    Your dress looks great, and that hem is killer! Great job!

  6. I think this dress is sweet. I really love when something like an already finished hem workouts out perfectly–less work! Question: Exactly what do you mean when you say “I constructed this in the flat method”?

  7. so, constructing in the flat basically meant that i made the front and back pieces all in one go, so they were complete, including seams, before i joined them together at the side seams. i did this because i wanted flat seams so i could finish them using an enclosed french seam, but many people do this because they feel it is easier or because it means you can work a bit easier on a machine without a freearm.

  8. Just adorable, and your cat’s cute too!

  9. I love it, really pretty and the sash is a pop of colour.