Hot! The Lost In The Supermarket Pants


The Facts
Fabric | Broadcloth
Pattern | Burda 7463
Year | Contemporary
Notions | Zip
Time to complete | Approx 1xviewing of Annie Hall plus three CD’s
First worn | To the shops the next day.
Wear again? Nope
Total price | $10

No fancy photos this week instead I have to ask if you wouldn’t mind coming grocery shopping with me! you see I procrastinated a little longer than I should of and to make things worse my little man had a stomach flu to contend with so this week I thought i’d kill two birds with one stone —so to speak. Okay! lets fill the trolley and talk about my choice for the Oscars challenge, Woody Allen’s. Annie Hall. | Annie Hall

I love pineapple so in the trolley she goes and I love Woody Allen and I’m a big fan of the androgynous look! We are looking at the pants this week, the top was a refashion from last years refashion challenge and the velveteen vest I made a couple of years ago and wore for this post. The tie I made yesterday. I love what Diane Keaton wears in this movie and this here is my interpretation of her look. Sorry if I sound rushed it is a little hectic this week. | Annie Hall

First off the pants fit a treat but I really don’t like what they do for my figure they add pounds to my backside and have that ‘old lady pants’ look about them, which is funny considering it’s a Burda Young pattern. I guess it’s the pleats at the front and the colour, my first and last beige item for my wardrobe. I’m happy with the overall styling and hope that you can see my modern spin on a classic look. | Annie Hall

What can I say I have a terribly speedy metabolism. | Annie Hall

Here are the pleats I was telling you about, I don’t mind the high waist and I love the pockets of course but the insertion of the zip gave me some grief I had three attempts before I was happy, the seam between the waistband and the bottom of the pants sat funny, when I zipped them up it kept gaping open, it sits better now but still not 100% it’s possible the bulk of the fabric had something to do with it. The pattern itself was self explanatory but I found the front didn’t quite sit flush with the back, the front pieces were bigger than the back so I had to adjust the pleat notches to bring in some of the bulk and trim back the rest. It could also be me not reading the instructions and just going hell for broadcloth. | Annie Hall

Thanks for reading along while I did my groceries this week I treated myself to a big tub of lactose free chocolate ice cream, it’s been a tough week, my son is on the mend, he has that sick hangover we are all familiar with, all light-headed and weak. I hope your week is better than mine, I cant wait to see what everyone makes. Onto the naming of these pants…this week I’ll name my Annie Hall pants after The Clash’s brilliant song ‘Lost in the Supermarket’. Happy sewing me lovelies.



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  1. OMG – I ALMOST did Annie Hall too!! But your outift is MUCH cuter than the version I had in mind so I’m glad I went with my first idea. Kudos for combining a photo shoot with grocery shopping, talk about mulit-tasking in a fabulous way: ) I hope your little guy is feeling better.

  2. Since when do Coles have wood floors (faux or otherwise, can’t tell)?! Lol!

    I love your whole outfit. I think the pants work for you in a high-fashion sort of way, but we always only see our flaws don’t we? Great job regardless!

  3. You are brilliant! You’ve totally Kazzed the hell out of Annie, in an awesome way. Diane Keaton has an amazing sense of style (didn’t she wear her own clothes for this film?), as do you. OMG, if you went back and held up a lobster, I just might die. Hope the kiddo is better ?)

  4. I adore your modern Annie Hall outfit, Kazz!! Brilliant styling! The brocade DIY tie is the cherry on top. How’d you manage to shop (and photo-shoot) in such an empty supermarket? Was it 3AM? The aisles of my local market are always filled with zombie-looking shoppers and obnoxious toddlers.

  5. There’s something pleasingly equestrian about your trousers!

  6. I always love your pictures and creations! I think the pants look great! Thanks for the fun shopping trip :)

  7. I am loving your supermarket photos!

  8. The pants are awesome! I demand to see them again, as a supporting role to your next challenge. Ok, fine, I’ll give you two challenges to work them in. Must see more!

    P.S. Love your pictures every week.

  9. Love the pictures! Your outfit is very Annie Hall-esque. Cute

  10. Are these the pants Burda described as ‘carrot-shaped’? If so, the location was perfect. I think you can make just about any item work in an ensemble, even pants that you are not so fond of.

  11. I love Annie Hall! I originally had a shirt and tie planned for this challenge, but the pattern was too intimidating, maybe later in the year. Cool pants. I think you look great in them, though the color does seem a bit off. Maybe you could dye them? The tie is a win. Health to your household!

  12. You had me crying by the time the pineapple landed in the cart. Crying, I tell you! Love the PANTS!!!

  13. Hi Kazz, hoping you son feels better quick. Just wanted to let you know me and my husband love everything about your photos. When he heard you where from Australia, he said even better, his favorite photographer Peter Link is from there “Australia” via Las Vegas.

    Wow, that is one spanking clean grocery store,looks like whole foods, a chain we have here in the states. Can’t wait to see what you do for “ReFashion”.

  14. Very creative and again, a very amusing story behind the pants! Thanks for sharing your sparkle with all of us.

  15. Nice one Kazz, my son had a head injury this week and we spent time at Emergency – he’s fine and back to bouncing off the walls now. Hope you all get some rest this week. That is the emptiest supermarket I’ve ever seen!

  16. I’m glad someone picked Annie Hall. I admire your take on her iconic style.

  17. These are def not ‘old lady pants’ especialy the way you have styled them! they look fantastic.

  18. Thank you ladies for all of your lovely comments. Very much appreciated xx