Hot! The “Leopard and Red?” Shirt, Oh Yeah!

The Facts
Red and Leopard Polyester 2yards/$3.99 per yard
Pattern: Simplicity 2472
Year: 2010
Notions: Red Thread $1.39/Lace Hem Tape $0.50
Time to Complete: 3 hours
Wear Again: Yes!!
Total Cost: $9.87

When I first read about this challenge I had no idea what to make. Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing. Sure I love the girly romance of it all, but it just feels a tad bit contrived. That and I’ve been swamped with homework and busy-ness. However, the planets aligned and the clouds parted and I was blessed with a light homework load this weekend. Insert relaxed sigh :)

I’m also not a red person. Sure I love red lips, but not red clothes. I knew the likelihood of there being any red fabric in my stash was a low possibility, so off I headed to the fabric store. The pull of a pattern sale was also calling me there. (Simplicity 5/$5) I looked and I looked and then I saw it….red and leopard, oh my! And on sale, YAY!

Once I saw this fabric I knew just what to make. I’ve made this pattern before and have always loved the results. I did shorten the tunic a bit, so it’s more wearable for me. It goes together like a dream. It’s a snap to cut out and put together. Five pieces in all and 3 of them are neck and sleeve binding.I tried a different hem finish this time. The polyester was giving me issues so I pulled out my trusty sidekick, flexible hem tape. It’s a great finisher and it’s lace, what’s not to love?

I have changed my mind about red, it’s fabulous! I think the leopard tones the red down enough for me.  This top is comfortable and sexy at the same time. My favorite combination by the way. One of my purposes for joining the Sew Weekly was to create more separates for my wardrobe, this shirt satisfies that purpose and is super cute to boot.  This is how I’ll wear it most of the time: skinny jeans, tall boots and a blazer. I have a serious case of blazer love.

Here’s my sultry Valentine’s Day pose, Rawr!
“Do you come here often?”

And here’s what I looked like most of the time.

“It’s cold out baby!”
A whopping 10 degrees and with the windchilll, -10 degrees. Yowza!
Get your coat on Chica!









Clarissa Henderson started the Sew Weekly to create more wearable pieces for her wardrobe. She also joined to meet others in the sewing community.


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  1. Wow red leopard print? Win!

  2. comfortable, yet sexy – definitely the way to go. I like your styling too, but then I am a jeans girl myself. Good idea to shorten the pattern to a more useful wearable length. You look great in red.

  3. I want that fabric! So sexy! You look great in it.

  4. I think it’s so cool that this top changed your mind about red. It suits you perfectly.

  5. Fun top and looks comfy to wear.

  6. This looks completely comfortable and can be dressed up or down – my favorite kind of piece! I love the combination of red and leopard – totally fun ;)

  7. Casual chic, you are totally owning that top.

  8. This is really cute. Red looks really good on you.. Happy sewing.

  9. Hotness! Casual chis is right. Red leopard (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE leopard print) could easily go wrong, but this is just right!