Hot! Gallery The land of sunny skies and eternal sunshine….

… is probably somewhere else!  With Portland, Oregon winter (and spring and fall) temps in the 40-degree F area and near constant rain, it’s a little hard to imagine sunshine.  Note that the picture was taken in the relative warmth and comfort of my sewing room as it was 40 degrees, pitch dark, and pouring rain outside.  I aspire to summer.  Maybe we’ll have one this year!

The Facts
Fabric:  Thrifted sheets
: Vogue 8648
Year: 2012
Notions: Zipper, Hook/Eye, Thread
Time to Complete: 8 hours or so
First worn: Probably next summer.  Assuming we have summer.
Wear Again: Definitely
Total Price: $0




Valerie spends a lot of time at work helping people with scary problems. In her not-work time, she likes to sew for the creative outlet and technical challenges. Being approximately potato-shaped, she also is continuously working on improving grading and fitting techniques. In 2011 she decided "Heck with it" and started a taking courses to learn how to make her own potato-shaped patterns.


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  1. I like what you’ve done with this pattern (it’s in my stash too). How come I can never find sheets that I would like to make something out of???

  2. Cute dress! Yes, Dear God – send warmth to Portland!!! :-)