Hot! The “Kevin Was A Girl” ensemble

Trying to get into character.













The Facts
Fabric: Poly/Rayon for the top, stretch Bengaline suiting for the pants, felt for the shoe clips
Pattern: Simplicity 2892, view D and Colette Clovers
Year: current
Notions: invisible zip for the pants, thread and shoe clips
Time to complete: oh my, probably 10 hours or so over the course of the week
First worn:  Today for pictures
Wear again? Yes, separately and after I sew up the hole in the derrière
Total price: $15

After much deliberation and much lost sleep thinking of ideas, I finally settled on Kevin the bird from UP as my inspiration.  We don’t buy many movies, but we do have this one because my husband and I both enjoyed it so much.  There is so much to love, but I think my favorite character, hands down, is Kevin.  She’s a mom, so we have a lot in common right there.

I took her amazing feathers as my inspiration and decided to kill two birds with one stone (er, maybe that turn of phrase isn’t the best choice at the moment) and use fabric from my stash AND stick with my goal of re-using patterns to get the most for my money.  I’ve made another view of this top and I’ve made a wearable muslin in the pants.  These are my favorite creations from  these patterns thus far.

My husband was not around, so we get "artistically" cropped pictures because the camera was on a chair.

Both the pants and the top are very comfortable and both were straightforward to sew.  I particularly enjoyed how fast the Clovers went together since it was my second time sewing a pair.

I did take in the side seams of the blouse because it was just too sack-like for my taste and was totally lacking in shape.

I also altered my backside piece for the pants and did an even fuller butt adjustment than I did for my muslin. These Clovers are not skin tight like my first and I like them this way.  Apparently I needed the Extra Full Butt Adjustment (and I found out the center seam still needs reinforcement thanks to the shoot today.

Once again, I try to measure my sewing success by whether or not someone will ask “Where did you get that?”  I want my duds to look like I got them from a store, but hopefully a very unique, fun store.  I feel like I accomplished that with these pieces, so I’m very happy.

And this would be when I heard threads popping. There will be some mending before I wear the pants again.



Sara is a dance teacher by degree and at heart, but has currently set that aside while her husband completes his radiology residency and she raise their two little girls. Her interest in sewing began when she had her first little girl four years ago and she began sewing for herself just last year. Sewing is her creative outlet and is also becoming an academic endeavor as she attempt to educate herself further in this new pursuit.


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  1. What a cool interpretation. The clovers look great and the top with shrug is perfect. That was a sweet movie.

  2. What great animation in that movie, love it as your inspiration.

  3. I love your inspiration! So cute! Great outfit and colours. :-)

  4. What great fitting pants! Nice one. I always double stitch the “center seams” for durability in trousers.

  5. I hid under your porch because I love you :/

    Fantastic job on your outfit!

  6. Adorable, love the interpretation of the movie! I need to see it still!

  7. Very chic outfit! Your happy bird pose has me really wanting to see Up! Every time I see Clovers, I wish I could meet the sewist and pick their brain… yours look so well-fitted. Also, those shoes! Love them, but I’d totally twist my ankle.

    • Well, thank you so much! I totally understand about picking someone’s brain. All I can tell you is that this is my FIRST pants pattern that I’ve been brave enough to try, mainly because of the Colette fitting guide with diagrams for alterations specific to this pattern. I think my waist to hip/butt ratio assures me of every pant pattern needing alterations. I just sort-of jumped into the deep end and made a random amount of full butt adjustment and was fortunate that none of the other alterations came into play. I would be lost if I had to start combining alterations.

  8. I love your inspiration! The clovers look fantastic, everyone seems to have so many fit issues with them I fear to try them out.

    • I definitely had my concerns and I think getting the pattern for Christmas was mainly what helped me feel like I could take the plunge. If I had to pay for the pattern and wasn’t sure whether or not I could make it work, I probably still wouldn’t have these.

  9. Oh, so cute! I love that movie, and what a great outfit! Blue pants, very hip.

  10. hahahahahahahahaaha! awesome idea. your “getting into character” pic has made my day!

  11. I didn’t get the title until I clicked on the page, and then it was a ‘duh!’ moment. I love it! Your outfit, the pose, and the inspiration. Great job!

  12. This whole outfit is very cute. And the fit on the pants looks fantastic.

  13. FABULOUS! I love that you used Kevin for inspiration – the whole ensemble is fantastic!

  14. I love your pics. Up rocks. And you channel the spirit of Kevin so well. I do hope you fed yourself lots of chocolate too. I’ve been putting off trying my first trousers make out of cowardice but the more I see what gorgeous results everyone is having (love the colour of yours) I think I might have to bite the bullet soon.

    • I wanted a chocolate bar for the pictures, but I kept forgetting all week to get one at the store. Do you read Patty The Snug Bug’s blog? She has some pants fitting posts. Even after having some success with the Clovers and with my jumpsuit a couple weeks ago, I’m still too scared right now to tackle the other three pants patterns I have in my stash. I just HATE being hopeful about a project and then getting to a spot where I have no idea how to salvage it. But then, there’s no gain in not trying at all, right?

  15. Nice styling, fit, and color choice on those Clovers. What a hilarious way to learn your pants seam needs to be reinforced! If it were me…that lesson would’ve occurred while riding the bus or bending over to tie my shoes in public ;-)

  16. I love it! Sky blue clovers!! :)