Hot! The “Is it Valentines Day?” Outfit

The Facts

Fabric: 1 yard cotton, $1 and 2 1/2 yards corduroy, $2.50
Pattern: Simplicity 2154 for the skirt (free), Vogue 6906 for the top ($1)
Year: 1950 for the top, 2011 (reprint) for the skirt
Notions: 2 buttons, 1 zipper
Time to complete: 5 hours
First worn: January 2012
Wear again? Definitely

Total Cost: ~ 4.75

This has been a crazy week. In addition to the Sew Weekly challenge, I’ve entered in my city’s Project Selvedge (very similar to Project Runway, but you sew/design a garment a week). What was I thinking?!

My original thought for the Down Under challenge was shorts and a tank top but did a botch job when I was cutting my fabric. Oops. Instead, I decided to use this blouse pattern that I was feeling ‘eh’ about and the reprint Simplicity. I had to resize the blouse and wish I had down the same with the skirt. Even though the pattern picture makes it look very body hugging, it hangs like a boat on me. I’ve already worn it four times since I finished last Friday and am thinking I’m going to take it in. I also made a half circle skirt out of the corduroy.

Be sure to keep an eye on my blog, as I will be posting my Project Selvedge picture there every Friday night.



Emma Simuns is a fashion loving, penny pinching girl who has just started a love affair with all things vintage.


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  1. I like the colour blocking. The white and red make each other pop.Excellent wardrobe staples.

  2. They look great together and at least making something on the big size means you can do something about it!

  3. I’ve got that same Simplicity pattern and also felt ‘meh’ about it. Though seeing your red one has changed my mind. Great outfit!

  4. Love this ensemble! The top and skirt are such versatile and fabulous pieces!