Hot! The “I Match the Bathroom” Dress

The Facts:

Fabric: Pale blue bedsheets with sky blue polka dots, white bedsheet for lining
Pattern: Sense & Sensibility’s Swing Dress Pattern – $9
Year: 2007?
Notions: zipper, piping
Time to complete: 8 hours
First worn: Just for these photos
Wear again? Probably not. Definitely not in the bathroom.  I might get lost.

Total price: $11


Friends, this UFO has been sitting on my sewing table for at least a year.  I even passed up working on it for the 2011 UFO challenge, that’s how determined I was to ignore it.  I finally decided that it would need to get made, as I’m trying to use all of the unused patterns in my stash this year. And so, here it is.

I had decided to use pale blue bedsheets because they were just sitting in my stash and there seemed to be no use for them. I figured I could add some piping that matches the tiny polka dots for a little bit of pizazz and it would make the dress shine.


I was trying the dress for fit and my boyfriend came into the bathroom.  Here is the conversation that ensued:


Me: What do you think?

Rob: You match the bathroom.

Me. *silence*

Rob: And it kinda looks like a nurse’s outfit.

Me: *silence*

Rob: Honey?

Me: OMG you’re right!


And from that conversation, I will never look at this dress the same again.  The dress wasn’t even finished at that point, but it definitely was in danger of ending up in the garbage can next to my desk.  I pressed on, knowing that it probably would never get worn.

I had some serious fitting issues. I don’t know if my seam allowances that I had added were completely off (I had bought the “print from home” version of the pattern), but there were places where it was baggy and places where I had to squeeze myself in. It was most unfortunate.

This is how the dress looks in natural light. Maybe I should just stay out of the bathroom.

And finally, some close ups of the piping that I thought would save this dress … and the worst zipper I have ever done in my life.











Overall, I’m not a fan of this dress, and I’ll probably never wear it again. The color has completely ruined it for me, but if I ever decide to try this pattern again, I’ll definitely follow in Christine‘s shoes and go for a bold and fabulous color.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. I like the piping. Are you bathroom pipes also that colour? That would be even more funny!

  2. I love the conversation that you had with your boyfriend – I have experienced many of those with my hubby! I’m impressed with your vision to use a bed sheet – wonderful!

  3. If you don’t like the colour you could try dying it. You can use dyes for the washing machine and it is really simple.

  4. I like how the skirt part flutters about and the piping is beautiful! Too bad it was uncooperative for fitting. :(

  5. I think it’s very pretty! That is, when I could find you in the photos. Were you standing in the bathroom for those pictures? I just saw a levitating head. Just kidding ;) But no really, I think it’s a cute design on you! I totally know what you’re talking about with the fit. When I first started to assemble it, I had lots of wiggle room in some areas, and had to hold my breath in others. But I do think you need this in a bright, sassy color!

  6. Hay Meg. Why not go for it and dye the dress!

  7. The dying sounds like a great idea. The dress otherwise looks fine, especially the piping.

  8. The shape looks great on you Meg! and fab work on the piping. Don’t you just love those conversations!? I’ve had a few of those myself.

  9. Our UFO problems sound remarkably similar, dear Meg, only mine’s a struggle with a Macaron. Zipper aside (your arm will hide it, right? lol) you could always dye it! Since the shape overall is very cute. That stupid shade of blue-y green…I love it but every time I make something out of it I get the same “nurse outift” comment, haha!

  10. I think it looks really pretty but if you really hate the colour what about dyeing it?