Hot! The “Hearty sweater”

The Facts

Fabric:1 Sweater/cardigan or jumper… + scraps

Pattern:Heart patterns from heart pincushion pattern on my blog


Notions:1 button, red ribbon.

Time to complete:10 minutes- What a girl can do with so little time..

First worn:Today

Wear again? Yes, I’m wearing tomorrow to class… Feel so darling and cute…

Total price:Zero


When I saw this week theme,I took inspiration from the definition…

re: : preposition: about; on the subject of
fashion: :a style that is popular at a particular time, especially in clothes, hair, make-up, etc

So I was making the subject of what is popular and since ‘hearts’ are popular on my books, I did a very simple DYI Re-fashion
I’m sorry I did really sew something complicate. I missed the boat with valentines dress but I was determine to contribute this week even if was something that doesn’t require that many skills.

Cut the sleeves off and make the hearts appliqué .

Hearts appliqué: You will need:
Heart templates,
Embroidery needle and thread
Sewing machine optional (I used my embroidery stitches from mine machine)

Cut the heat shapes, sew a running stitch to join the together and the button.
Pin or baste in place and embroider the hearts on the cardigan
For the curled effect, stretch the cardigan sleeves while sewing. If not just sew the ribbon after hemming.


lots of love,


House of Pinheiro

Brazilian, brainiac ,fashionista ,happy ,creative, tall ,fun ,foddie, perfectionist ,inventive ,passionate, impulsive and highly opinionated ... I am taking a break from my job as 6 Sigma Black belt to take a MBA in Creative Industries .


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  1. Very cute! Sometimes simple is best. It turned out great :D

  2. I heart hearts. Very cute!

  3. Lovely hearts. Love the button in the middle!

  4. Those hearts are so cute, and the stitching and button make it perfect. And I LOVE the co-ordinating sleeve trim. Isn’t it fab what you can do in 10 minutes! Inspirational :)

  5. Very cute shirt, added a twist of fun to the garment.

  6. If a small tweak is all it takes to make you want to wear something more often, it’s a great refashion. cute unique top.

  7. Simply adorable! Thanks for how to’s.

  8. thank you girls, indeed I feel so cute wearing it…

  9. Very sweet, love the trim on the sleeves

  10. How cute and simple! Great colours together too.

  11. So sweet! Sometimes a simple, quick fix is all you need.