The “Flow and Flower” Summer Capris

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton Poplin, $14 per metre (1.5 metres)
Pattern: Vogue 8712 (altered to omit the bottom panel on the leg)
Year: 2012
Notions: Elastic
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: For these photos
Wear again? I can hardly wait until the weather is more amenable to wear them!
Total price: $20

I had no idea what to make for this week’s challenge – being that it’s so wintery here, I really wasn’t feeling summer inspired – but then I saw this cotton poplin in the shop on a quick dash to the fabric store last week and I knew that I was going to make something fabulous for the summer out of them!

The woman cutting my fabric seemed a bit surprised when I told her I was going to attempt capris out of the fabric – this was a double-bordered piece and neither of us were sure if it would be possible. But when I came home and tested the pattern, it turned out to be entirely do-able, so I went ahead and I’ve now got my first summer wardrobe item.

Alterations: I cut these a size too big and then had to reduce the pant at the crotch seam, which means that the pants are a mite wider in the leg than the pattern design would suggest – but with the flowing pattern, it just gives them a greater sense of movement. I also omitted a bottom panel on the leg because I didn’t want to interrupt the pattern from the bottom and also because I wanted a pant that sat at the bottom of the calf (as opposed to just above the ankle as per the pattern).

I highly recommend the pattern I used, and can imagine many different pant styles which could be created with it. There are two elastic-waisted options (which I chose for ease of figuring out the pattern) and one option with a button and zipper. Option A took me less than three hours to put together – which is what I call a fast piece of clothing.

Spring and summer fabrics are rolling into my local shops now which means there will be a lot more lightweight clothing running under the sewing machine in the next little while – even if the weather here is still dismal (hence the indoor photos today – sleet does nothing for the bare feet of summer).





Megan Eliza is almost forty and lives in Vancouver, BC. Love, home, sewing, craft, writing, grad school, gardening, cooking and even sometimes politics are what make her life joyous and complete!


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  1. Cool fabric – they look super comfy … but no snow?? no sleet?? (I don’t blame you!)

  2. Love how you got the border print to work out on these.