Hot! The “Flirt” Skirt

The Facts
Fabric: about 1 1/3 yards Anna Maria Horner velveteen from local store (Brooklyn General), red Bemberg for the lining from, leftover navy stretch twill for the waistband facing, all from stash
Pattern: McCall’s M6290, by Flirt Brooklyn
Year: contemporary
Notions: invisible zip
Time to complete: a few hours
First worn: Saturday for cocktails and yummy food with friends
Wear again: I think so.
Total cost: Hard to tell; I wasn’t keeping track then.  Maybe $30.

I love this theme!  While I have more dramatic refashions in the wings, I most want to wear this skirt right now. I first made it a little over a year ago, my return to garment sewing after many years.  I was out of practice, and it showed.  The zipper and waistband were a mess– I didn’t make it easy on myself choosing velveteen– and the fit wasn’t so good either.  With all the practice I’ve had in the past year, I knew I could make vast improvements.

I originally bought the pattern at Flirt, a sweet boutique full of small-scale independent designers here in Brooklyn (5th Ave between Park and Prospect) that always makes me happy and inspired to sew.  The shop is a well-edited aesthetic experience.  I’m not convinced by this pattern, though.  Has anyone else used Flirt patterns (there’s another) or the book, Flirt Skirts?  What do you think?

The original waistband was faced with narrow twill tape, as called for in the pattern, but I decided to draft a proper waistband so that the skirt would stay put and not twist around my body.  I also added a lining from the matching silky red Bemberg I happen to have (why? I don’t know).  I’ve never used that stuff before and I’m surprised how much I like it.  I sewed the waistband facing and lining to the invisible zipper tape the way I learned from Colette for a clean finish.  Pretty straightforward, but it was all quite the challenge with my daughter home (public school holiday) and not a moment to myself all week.  By the time she was in bed at night I was too worn out to sew.  Somehow the skirt came together mostly during episodes of Blue’s Clues over the week.  Thank you, Netflix on demand.

So the skirt’s respectable now, but I don’t know if I’ll wear it much.  As has happened before when I’ve made skirts, it turns out I don’t have anything to wear with it– the ensemble I planned in my head didn’t work on my body.  Thus the interesting combination I’m wearing in the photos.



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. I think this skirt is rocking! I really need to go back and fix up a few things that I made ‘in the beginning’… And I’d wear this skirt with a mustard or pale bluey/greeney blouse. Next pattern, perhaps? :)

  2. non-matching separates is the bane of my life! Sweet skirt, lovely colour.

  3. Yes, cute skirt, I can see it with a cream colored lace top perhaps. But, I think the mismatch style is hip these days. At least it is in the Urban-Outfitters Catalogue that comes to my house. I really like the design of the fabric. Could that be Tangerine Tango, the 2012 color of the year?

    • Barbara, it’s more tomato than persimmon or tangerine! Sounds like you’re ready for next week. Cream lace is a good idea.

  4. I love the skirt, for some reason it reminds me of Mexican Folk Art, this would be beautiful with a marigold color top!

  5. This skirt is cute. I hope you find something to wear with it. I really like the shape of it and the way it sits on you. I know what it’s like to have the kids home on a school day.

    • My daughter was home all week! They call it Presidents’ Week. I feel like I’m on vacation now that she’s back to school.

  6. I actually really like the clothes combo you have on in the picture!

  7. Thanks! You guys are right, I need to make a top in a shade of mustard/marigold or pale blue/green. Which means I also have to go fabric shopping.

  8. Really pretty, I love the fabric and style of this skirt.

  9. I think the pattern is lovely. I live in Brooklyn as well, and a friend who loves the Flirt store bought me the skirt book, though I admit I’ve yet to try any of the patterns–they’re just simple A-line, pencil or flare skirts and some variations thereupon.

  10. Now that the refashion is complete, sounds like the skirt just needs a styling pick me up…and the colors you’ve entertained so far would be great pairings. Love that Anna Maria Horner print, too. I bet the velvet looks awesome in person.

  11. Love the colors in this ensemble!!

  12. I second Najah, the skirt is so cute and flirty! I don’t think it needs anything complex a pairing, or you could go for a tiny polka dot in the same colors.