Hot! The ‘Easter Egg’ dress

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton that would have been for a doona cover or sheet
–  Pattern: bodice from Vogue V8633, skirt of Simplicity 2886
Year: 2008 Simplicity and 2010 Vogue
Notions: Thread and green ribbon
Time to complete: 8 hours (?) ish
First worn: for the photos
Wear again? I think so, although I’ve had comments along the line of easter egg or little girls dress
Total price: About A$12
Accompanying tv show: Time Team x 4 episodes

I started the Simplicity dress last year in December with the tag of ‘Home’. The full skirt looked awful on me as I had failed to lengthen the bodice, so at the time I unpicked and added a waistband to the skirt and am pretty happy with that.

I had done a fairly good job of the bodice and it was lined so I didn’t want to simply bin it, so the UFO challenge has been a great incentive to finish off what I started. I had started with a large piece of fabric and so luckily had enough to do the skirt for this and still keep the other skirt.

I knew I would need a pattern that had a fairly high waisted skirt that I could attach and would make up for the shortened bodice. I chose the Vogue V8633 which again I had used last year in the Hattrick challenge (so it was already cut out and I knew that it fit).

I tried the Mena trick and was able to leave out the zip and I love that it is easier to get in and out of it that it is to put on to either Imelda or Gertie (my mannequins). I did unfortunately not wisely pick the right section of the upper part of the skirt and have a dark band of colour around my waist (highlighting that which I would rather go unnoticed). I did consider a band of lace but that didn’t look right and I was unable to find a simple white belt, so I tried a little green ribbon to lighten the area. Not sure if it has worked but I like the colour.

There are a few little ripples and a fair amount of unpicking was involved along the way. I don’t love the fabric, but I do find it’s growing on me and it is a very comfortable dress. So I would say that I am happy with the outcome and am glad to have reduced my pile of shame by one.



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. It isn’t anything like an Easter Egg! I can’t imagine what it looked like before, but now it looks great. The fit looks spot on.

  2. Actually, if you think of the shading done in drawing and painting, the placement of the darker part is good because it makes something look further away, so, in theory, that would make your waist look smaller. I really like this fabric and I think it’s a great dress for Easter and spring in general.

  3. i really like the belt, it looks lovely against the flowers – you look v ladylike this week!

  4. The shape of this dress takes the print from flowery to very classy. It looks great on your figure, and personally I think it’s much more slimming to have a dark band around your waist than a light one! Very lovely.

  5. This question has nothing to do with the dress, though I think it looks great on you. I noticed in one of your other posts that you like to wal around your local lake – does that mean you are a Canberra girl?

  6. So surprised to hear you are disappointed with the way the shading of the fabric sits – it was the first thing I noticed, and I thought it was perfect!

    (Isn’t it funny that the thing one person is most self-critical about will be the thing another loves most? True outside sewing, too!)

  7. Yay Time Team! I just finished watching an episode about 5 mins ago, lol!

  8. Thank you All – I’ll trust your good judgement that the darker section is slimming :-D
    Cheers Charlotte – I was feeling a lot more ladylike this week – even slapped on a bit of makeup.
    I’m a Ballarat girl Sarah, the lake I walk around is Lake Wendouree.

  9. I think the fabric is very pretty! Not at all Easter egg like! It’s a beautiful dress!

  10. Jen I’m loving this dress on you! And I agree with the others that the darker colour at the waist is perfect… and the green ribbon is pretty too. I think this cut looks great on you. Fab save on the too high waist.. genius.

  11. Very pretty dress, I really like the fabric.