Hot! The “Daddy Daughter Dance” Dress

Emily was old enough to go to her first Daddy Daughter dance at our dance studio this year.  She was really excited so of course she needed a new super twirly dress just for the occasion.

Depending on your definition of a UFO this dress has been in varying stages of that process for a few years.  You see my mom decided to learn how to smock when she found out she was having a grandaughter.  Then when Emily was less then a year old she bought this fabric, floss, and smocking plate.  Unfortunatly, she never really learned how to smock so she gave it all to me after I learned.  I started the collar this fall but didn’t get it finished in time to be her winter church dress so I just blocked it and left it on the floor in the sewing room.   When this challenge and the dance came along at about the same time.  I figured that was a sign that it was time to finish to collar and make the dress.

I’m really loving how it turned out.  I even made a creniline to add fluff.  Emily loves it too.  She gave me lots of hugs and kisses when I let her try it on.  I added volume to the skirt so it has great twirl power.  I think that’s her favorite part.


The Facts

Fabric ⁃  white batiste, purple baby wale cord, purple crinoline

Pattern: ⁃  Ottobre design 3/2008 design 18 “China grass” dress  I didn’t to the fabric piece and made the each skirt piece a full width of my fabric.  The slip is design 20 “Princess” tutu underskirt.  The collar directions are from an old sewing book.  They said to use one width of fabric but in the future I will use two.

Year⁃   2008

Notions: ⁃  cotton lace, white ribbon, invisible zipper, elastic

Time to complete: ⁃   That’s hard to say.  The smocking took a long time.  The dress went pretty fast though maybe 4 hours.  The crinoline only took about 30 minutes.

First worn: ⁃  Friday to the Daddy Daughter dance.

Wear again? ⁃   I hope so.  She seems to really like it plus they’re is a lot of growing room so hopefully she will be able to wear it next winter as well.  As many of you know 4 year old girls can be a bit finicky.



Stephanie mother tried to teach her how to sew growing up but she didn't really get serious about it until her 4 year old daughter was born and she wanted to put her in fancy smocked dresses. Since then, she has learned to smock and sew. Her blog and screen name come from the initials of her two children Elijah who is 8 and Emily who is 4.


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  1. Your daughter is so adorable..the outfit is so precious and I love there’s so much story behind it. Wonderful!

  2. Really lovely, I bet she feels like a princess

  3. Cute, look at her feet in the first shot!

  4. Oh my goodness, she is just precious. She will remember that dress for a long time.

  5. Cutest. thing. ever! As an only-daughter that had her mom sew lots of clothes for her, I want to assure you that she will love these things all her life!

  6. She’s so adorable! And who doesn’t love a twirly dress?? I ask you (this 30-something still loves her some twirl!). I bet she was just precious…

  7. That’s just adorable! I have four daughters so I can understand the joy they feel in their twirly skirts. The collar looks so pretty. I’d love to know how to do that.

  8. That last photo with Dad is an adorable shot. Well Done! Emily looks so pleased to be in her finery and indeed looks fine.