Hot! The “Crepe Expectations” Dress

The Facts:

Fabric: 1 x vintage double bed sheet $35, dark purple linen from stash
Pattern: Colette Pattern’s Crepe
Year: 2011
Notions: None
Time to complete: 5-6 hours (Plus a zillions hours of procrastination, dithering and generally saying “eek I can’t do this!”)
First worn: 5th of February to the Daughter’s 2nd birthday party
Wear again: Yes!
Total price: $35

When Mena did her mind-boggling 7-in-7 challenge I feel deeply in love with Colette Patterns. I hasten to their website and bought a few of the patterns, including the Crepe. I then bought this vintage sheet in June 2011 knowing it was meant to turn it into a Crepe… and then I didn’t do anything except look at the sheet and the pattern, freak out and then put it off to “another time”. I even got to the point of laying out the pattern to cut it but could never bring myself to do it. Finally 8 months later I have turned the sheet what it always dreamed it coud be = a Crepe! hoorah!

Why after 8 months did I FINALLY just suck it up and do it? Well I made a new years resolution to make two articles of clothing for myself each month (thank you Sew Weekly for being my inspiration!), the daughter started to refuse to wear clothes i made for her and I made a dress for the button challenge – not in time to post it but it was finished and wearable! So I have come to realise sewing clothes is a bit like my other love – Baking! How? Well all you need is 1. a good recipe/pattern 2. good ingredients/the right fabric for the job, 3. know you oven/sewing machine and 4. enjoy it!

Getting back to the Crepe – it’s not perfect (the hem is a little wonky and I did something a little weird with the front panels so they don’t sit quite right – any ideas as to why?) however it’s totally wearable and I adore the colours. It’s given me confidence to try more sewing! yippee!









This vintage sheet just keeps giving too – I also made a Sorbetto and it made the most lovely lining for this adorable bear hat for the Daughter (which she refuses to wear). Plus there’s enough left to make a skirt for the daughter so she can refuse to wear that too!



Beth is a mum, occupational therapist and a beginner sewer. She hopes by the end of 2012 she'll have a wardrobe filled with sewn garments.


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  1. Hi Beth, great job, the most important thing about sewing is that we enjoy the journal. Each project teaches us something and it’s suppose be fun. Happy Sewing.

  2. I love when you can upcyle a sheet and turn it into something beautiful like you have done. The pattern is adorable and I long to try it someday. I’m glad you are enjoying sewing so much. Your daughter doesn’t know what she’s missing.

  3. Gotta love those confidence-building projects. Nice work.

  4. I looks great, what a pretty sheet! I’m impressed with all the other things you are making from the sheet as well.

  5. Even better than having juuuussst enough fabric is having enough left over to complete a couple of extra things. Lovely dress, I like the sorbetto (how did you shape the shoulders?) and the have is cute to the nth degree.

  6. Love it ! I have tried the crepe – but only got as far as a muslin as I cant get the back to sit right – so I am even MORE in awe of yours ! You did a great job xx

  7. So cute, I love it! I have a similar sheet I want to cut up but haven’t found the right pattern yet. I love it got used three times!

  8. I like your dithering methods, I use them as well, haha! Really though, that sheet fabric is divine and the crepe is lovely!

  9. i think you did a great job and ended up with a garment that really works for you.

  10. “enough left over to make a skirt that she can refuse to wear too” Bwahaha! I’m with you there. I had enough leftover fabric from last week’s sundress to make something for my daughter, but she wouldn’t even let me hold it up to her to do a quick sizing!
    Your crepe is super cute and I want one too.

  11. Well the colours look great on you, you look very proud of yourself and she has pockets!! well done.

  12. Your crepe is just lovely! The colors are so bright and cheery – bravo for finishing it!