Hot! The 40s Inspired Cardigan

Front, view 1.

+ + +

Front, view 2.

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Front, closeup view.

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(Source: By Gum By Golly)

This re-fashion has been inspired by the beautiful colorwork cardigans that are popular in the 40s.

The Facts

Fabric: Thrifted cardigan, size large
Pattern: n/a
Year: 2012
Notion: n/a
Time to complete: 30 min
First worn: Hasn’t been worn yet
Wear again? Yes
Total price: $8

I haven’t been a knitter for years and I wasn’t about to attempt my own sweater project, especially on something this complicated. I found this colorwork sweater in the thrift shop. It was bright, had well-defined colorwork, and was way too large. The sweater itself is a size large and fits probably a bust 38 to 40.

+ + +

You can see how large it is on the dressform.

+ + +

Closeup of colorwork.

+ + +

I used Casey’s tutorial to take in the side seam through the sides, up through the underarm area and tapering to nothing by the elbow area.

+ + +

If none of this makes sense, it’s ok. Bean also looked very confused during the sewing stage.

+ + +

I used the zig-zag stitch to seam the edges and finished them off with my server.

+ + +

I also fixed up some loose knitting stitches that looked like they were about to fall apart. I sewed them together by hand. The sweater itself is very warm and will come in handy during the cold winter we’re still having.



Janice has been sewing her own clothes for the past few years and enjoys sewing from vintage patterns, especially the 40s, 50s and 60s.


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  1. I had this EXACT sweater in the mid-90s!!!! It’s the exact one. I remember wearing it to a student leaderhsip conference in DC and I have lots of pictures of it from that trip.

  2. VERY cute : ) Love those sweater re-do’s!

  3. Lovely! I’ve wanted to see another example from Casey’s excellent tutorial. And of course you know I love this style of cardigan. ;) Looks great!

  4. Very cute! I’m loving this trend for re-making knitwear. It gives me hope for a total non-knitter like myself.

  5. Wow, what a cool redo. I’m thinking now I misunderstood the concept, I thought we had to reFashion something we made. I’ll know better next time and can’t wait to try this. I love Casey blog, she does some cool hairdos!

  6. Such a great idea and a much more flattering shape. Some cardis can be so boxy. You look great in the warm reds.

  7. I agree, it’s a very good look on you. I learn so much from you sewers, it never occurred to me that you could make a huge knit sweater smaller. That’s one more thing to use my serger for. Love your kitty cat. He looks like he’s quite the fan, just like the rest of us.

  8. I love this!! I’ve been wanting a colorwork sweater. I knit, but it would take me AGES to make one myself. I am going to hunt for one of these next time I’m thrifting.

  9. Great job! I have a beaded 80’s batwing jumper waiting to be remodelled – hope I can get it to look more fifties!

  10. Very nice, so simple and effective! I think I’ll keep my eyes open for something similar. Thanks! :)

  11. Instant gratification, love it! You’re reminding me that I really need to take in a too-big thrifted sweater :)

  12. What a cute cardi! An excellent refashion from a thrifted item. :)