Hot! The “1950s Restyle” Skirt

The Facts
Fabric: An old 1950s skirt, poly acetate for lining
Pattern: Simplicity 2512 Version B
Year: Current
Notions: Piping, invisible zipper, dozens of sequins and tiny tiny beads
Time to complete: 6 months, or about a week if we’re talking actual sewing time
First worn: February 5, 2012
Wear again? Sure, why not?
Total price: ~$15


This skirt has a history. It began as a handmade gathered skirt from the 1950s that I bought at a vintage store. It was too small for me in the waist but because there was so much fabric I was sure I could do *something* with it. After taking it apart I realized it was one giant rectangle and put up a vote on my blog to figure out what to do with it. The winning pattern was this Cynthia Rowley tulip skirt. Not a bad pick.

But when I began to lay out the patten pieces I noticed problems. I had to place the paper around the existing pockets and side seams. I also noticed several large, yellow patches from age stains that needed to be avoided, too. And to top it off several of the pretty green sequins had broken, lost their color or were completely missing. Those sequins were the whole reason I was drawn to the fabric at the start! Disappointed, this skirt, now cut in pieces, sat around for ages in my craft room looking sad and dejected for 6 months.

So for this week’s UFO theme I got off my bum and bought a pack of sequins and tiny gold beads and replaced EVERY. SINGLE. SEQUIN. UGH! Only then did I assemble the skirt which was a breeze compared to sequin sewing.

I added some piping to the hem and the waist just for a little extra pop and I lined the whole skirt because the white flowers were pretty see-through.

Now the skirt is much more wearable (because it fits!) and I can finally tell everyone that I finished this darn thing and why it took me so long!



Dixie is a crafter and creator at heart and recently sewing has really won her over. She loves the challenge of making patterns and sharing her skills and projects with other stitchers. Her goal this year is to create a more wearable and useful wardrobe that is still fun and stylish. Dixie lives in Austin, TX with her boyfriend and her neurotic cat, Peanut.


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  1. Looks great! I love the bright contrast of the sequins.

  2. Your time was surely well spent. The sequins are perfect in their restrained highlighting. If you had covered every section it would have been overload. The piping does indeed make it pop.

  3. Those sequins look really cute – great job, well worth the time

  4. This is awesome! Great job, I think the results paid off even if it was a total pain.

  5. I have to say, I don’t just love your skirt, I love your whole outfit!

  6. Thanks everyone! It’s nice to know all that time was worth it.

  7. Ohhhh, love the sequins! They are just darling!

  8. Love your hair and love the skirt! The sequins look fantastic!

  9. Very cute Dixie, I love your little shoes too.

  10. It looks great and the fabric looks brand new! Replacing the sequins must have been a labour of love.

  11. It’s a fabulous piece! Well done for replacing all of those beads and sequins – you did a marvelous job!