Hot! ‘Not The Iron Lady’ Dress

The Facts

Fabric Navy blue polka dot jersey £5.00 for 3 metres, ebay
Pattern BurdaStyle Magazine June 2011 – V neck dress with pleats, with a couple of changes.
Year 2011
Notions  Thread
Time to complete  Less than 3 hours
First worn Today, all day
Wear again?  Definitely
Total price  Approx. £3.00
Film The Iron Lady – Best Actress Oscar Nomination 2012 for Meryl Streep, for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher


Confession time. I am not a fan of Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady.  I admit to a grudging admiration for a woman who managed to raise a family and run a country on just four hours sleep a night.  And she was a woman who stuck to her principles, whatever the consequences. However as someone who grew up through the Thatcher era I can’t say it was much fun for normal folk. High interest rates led to people I knew being made homeless. The Poll Tax riots.  Whole communities out of work due to local industries closing down.   I can’t help wondering if maybe a couple more hours sleep a night would have made her see things differently and altered the course of history?

She did have a certain style though, something they definitely picked up on in the film. When I picture Lady Thatcher she is always in blue, with a pussycat bow.  I got the picture of her here from Missy Vintage’s blog post on Iron Lady fashion

Buoyed by last weeks triumph in jersey I reached for another polka dot knit from my stash.  In blue, so that ticked one box.  I wanted something quick and easy so I chose the V neck dress pattern from last June’s edition of Burda style magazine.  I extended the collar so I could tie it in a bow at the front, another Iron Lady inspired touch. 

However as you can see, apart from the bow and the colour all resemblance to Margaret Thatcher’s look has kind of gone out the window.  I just wasn’t feeling Thatcher, but I figured noone would mind too much. The challenge was ‘inspired by’ wasn’t it, not ‘copy’.  And although without a belt my dress looked a little sack-like it’ll do for work.  With a belt it is perfect for weekends running round after the kids. A keeper, I think.





Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. I thought I saw a pussycat! I like the tie detail on the collar.

  2. Too cute! I liked your thoughts on Thatcher and your dress.

  3. Very cute, indeed. I love the V-neck pussy bow.

  4. Thanks Lavender! To be honest the bow didn’t come out exactly as I pictured, but I still like how it looks.

  5. I love the neckline! It looks very comfortable and versatile!

  6. Having Grown up in the North, I agree with you where Mrs T is concerned… I was never quite sure about her fashion sense, but I love your interpretation which is much softer.

  7. I’ve never been a fan of pussy-bows (or the lady herself) but I do like the softer, less constricting way that yours sits. It looks like a dressy yet comfortable outfit.

  8. That pussy-bow neckline is gorgeous! I love that it’s a bit lower and softer – very flattering. :-)

  9. This looks fantastic! So cute and comfy!

  10. I would read it as inspired by too. I really like the pussy bow and your version is not as fussy as they sometimes end up looking which is great.

  11. I really like how you updated this look. And I love the choice of fabric! Polka dots!

  12. I love how you struck a balance between Thatcher’s and your own style.