Hot! Loves Me, Loves Me Not


Braving the snow ...


Fabric:  3 metres Rose and Hubble ‘marguerite’ print on polka dotted red ground.  From Goldhawk Road.

Pattern:  Frankensteined from Colette Crepe No.1013 (front bodice), Simplicity 2257 (skirt), Vogue Vintage V1043 (back bodice)

Year:  1950’s/2011

Notions:  1 metre ‘marguerite’ guipure lace £5.50.  Thread and zip from stash.  Interfacing from stash.

Time to complete:   16 hours.

Cost:  Fabric £3.50 per metre, notions £5.50;  TOTAL:  £16.00

First worn:  In these pictures, February 2012.

Wear again:  Yes – in the summer!


Remember that childhood game with daisy (or marguerite) petals to determine whether he loved you or not?  I loved this fabric as soon as I saw it, as it combined red – a staple for me – with polka dots, so clean and crisp looking – and my favourite marguerite flowers (my alias).  I found it in the last shop I visited with Charlotte Tilley on Goldhawk Road at last year’s UK Sew Weekly Meet.  I kind of knew in my mind’s eye how I wanted this dress to look but didn’t have the pattern for it.  I did some pondering – as Jen does!  I used the Colette Crepe pattern twice last year, as I liked the style of it, particularly the sweetheart neckline and all in one sleeves.  So, I’ve kept the bodice part, but instead of the wraparound back I used my favourite skirt pattern (which I already used 5 times last year in different incarnations) and the bodice back from my Duvet Dress – I shaped the sleeve part though to match the bodice front.  I also inserted a zip in the centre back.  The inside is finished with French seams and a hand stitched hem, with bias tape to cover the bodice and skirt attachment seam.  The daisy lace trim is also handstitched.  I really enjoyed making this from start to finish, because I took my time and know it’s all finished neatly as it should be.  I’m outdoors this time, as the light is better – but casting strange shadows…  No mean feat in February here in the UK!


Daisies met exactly at the zipper …


French seams and bias finishing





Diane has sewn all through life but gave things a serious go at the beginning of 2011 and during the year took part in 50 Sew Weekly challenges. She now wants to expand her knowledge and learn new techniques in each project she completes, as well as develop a style of her own and a sense of quality over quantity. She studied print design some years ago and a love of unusual prints and colours underpins her work. Currently, she works full time dealing with copyright issues and previously, she managed photographic sales for a leading fine art museum. Diane is so grateful for the friendship, support and encouragement she has received from the Sew Weekly community.


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  1. Cute! I love it when the inside is just as pretty as the outside.

  2. Beautiful dress! I love your modifications. And perfect seams!

  3. Lovely, Diane! Great fabric, and pattern. You’re brave to stand out in the snow.

  4. Love this dress, love it Lots! such fine work you do and I do like how all of the bits and pieces all came together. It really does pay to muse over one’s creations. Cheers for the snowy picture too.

  5. Very sweet Dianne, immaculate construction ! Happy Valentines x

  6. I love that you have a marguerite theme on this beautiful dress Diane, that fabric is just gorgeous and you look so pretty! I am amazed by your finishing, your insides look fabulous (!). We must go back to Goldhawk Road soon… or at least a mini-meet, in King’s Lynn… You are so accomplished now with your sewing, I am in awe… we definitely love you! x
    PS great marguerite lace trim too

    • Hi Charlotte – I was wondering if we could put together an East Anglian Fabric Ttrail … getting on and off at train stops on the King’s Cross to King’s Lynn train … it’s just an idea. There are loads of independent fabric shops out here that could do with some custom and it would be a fun day out for people too. I’ve just found another brilliant shop in Cambridge called ‘Rejuvenate’ selling vintage sewing materials and retro clothing. Plus there’s other stops on the way to King’s Lynn …

  7. Gorgeous dress Diane! That’s so sweet that you’ve got marguerites all over your Valentines creation. :-)

  8. That’s some clever pattern combining you did there Diane. And the french seams, bias seam covering and the zipper all look super neat. Very pretty on too.

  9. Love all the combinations– sweet fabric and trim, patterns to suit you, and finishing techniques. I’m sure you’ll feel wonderful wearing this.

  10. Thanks Lee – I think I’ll make another one now!

  11. Love your meet idea Diane, I’ll send a message to your inbox… we should pick a date and go for it!

  12. Diane, the dress is charming. Xx

  13. Very pretty, I love the neckline and sleeves.

  14. Thanks – I like using this neckline, have 3 outfits with it now.

  15. This is delicate and pretty! Your french seams are drool worthy- kudos!

  16. I’m a delicate soul Amanda … (!) Thanks for the kind comment.

  17. Lovely fabric, and the dress is perfect on you!! The neckline and sleeves are fantastic.

  18. You look gorgeous Diane, a very charming dress indeed.

  19. Thanks Kazz – I love having your approval.

  20. Really gorgeous! I have a UFO in this fabric that I may just have to try again with after seeing what you’ve done.

  21. It’s great fabric to work with – I loved every minute of it. Look forward to seeing what you do!