Hot! Ariel, The Fastest Mermaid

The Facts
Fabric: Spandex.  Lots of spandex.
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3455
Year: current
Notions: Zipper, thread, elastic, sequined trim, fabric paint, puffy paint …
Time to complete: at least 14 hours
First worn:  Today for pictures
Wear again? Definitely for the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday!!
Total price: At least $40

Friends, when I found out the Oscars challenge coincided with Disney’s Princess Half Marathon this coming Sunday, I about lost my mind.  The Little Mermaid did win an Oscar for best song, and what other princess has red hair, I ask you?? (Giselle doesn’t really count since she didn’t end up marrying the Prince… she married Patrick Dempsey instead, which is ok in my book.)

I set out with the goal of making myself the most epic mermaid running outfit in the history of mermaid running outfits. I feel I have met this goal with quite a bit of success.

For the pants, this ended up being the second set I made. The first set ended up with the crotch being WAY TOO LOW and too tight – I couldn’t pull the pants past my monster calves.  When I cut out the second pair, I cut out one size larger and added two inches to the thigh length.  This made all the difference in the comfort department.  The fabric has enough stretch to give me some ability to bend my knee – I do need to be able to at least run part of this race. It also gives me room for my knee brace – ah, the joy of inheriting my father’s knees.  I hand painted scales (or my interpretation of scales) all over the front of the pants.  This took four bottles of Shamrock Iridescent Puffy Paint.  My hand was shaking so badly that I eventually decided that the back of the pants would be fine without scales. Who wants to see distorted scales on my booty?  Not I.

The top came about with the help of some cream polyester from my stash.  I cut out the top from the Kwik Sew pattern (it was not as form fitting as the pants) and WENT TO TOWN with the purple fabric paint.  That was super fun, but in hindsight, I probably should have put a protective coating on my dress form.  She’s a bit discolored now.  I had bought the sequin trim a few months ago and it worked out perfectly.  There was a ton of hand sewing and needles going through the tops of fingers, but I LOVE how it turned out.









One of my favorite things about this outfit is my Sebastian pouch.  I got the crabby pattern from BurdaStyle and cut it out of an old t-shirt I had lying around. And then I added a zipper and some elastic…

…and now it holds my GU and my cell phone while I’m running!  (PS That is the RAZZ flavor above, but it reminds me of the awesome Kazz, so it’s like I’m taking a friend with me out on the path).  The final part of my outfit is, of course, a starfish – just in case people don’t know who I am supposed to be.

Now that my costume is finished, I feel like I can focus on my upcoming race (my first since I stress fractured my femur – eep!) and all the awesomeness that comes with running in the happiest place in the world.

Have an AMAZING week, my friends!


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. Hi Meg, actually my friend runs that race and I shared your post with her. She loved your crabby pouch. I have to say I love the whole outfit and how great to combine 2 things that you are so passionate about. I hope you have a great race and it’s easy on the knees!

  2. That’s CrazY Cool! There will be no doubt who your are at the race. Have fun and enjoy all the compliments you are bound to get.

  3. Wow. Who knew that dressing like a mermaid could be functional. Good luck on the race!

  4. You. are. amazing! I freakin’ love the sebastian pouch! Good luck with the race!

  5. This made me smile. It’s adorable. Good luck with the race!

  6. How awesome, and fun!

  7. You’re just too cute for words :-p Hand-painted scales?! OMG!!

    Good luck for the race, mermaid princess!

  8. Beats running in a dress, awesome, good luck!

  9. That is hilarious and fantastic! I love it!

  10. Goal 1 – FAB outfit. tick (what an amazing amount of detail you have put it!!!)
    Goal 2 – complete that marathon. Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck.

  11. Wow,two or should I say three? challenges in one is pretty awesome. You continue to blow me away. I can’t believe you actually hand painted teeny tiny scales on the whole front of those pants and the crab pouch is just plain genius. You go girl!

  12. Ha Ha hee Razz!! you are too gorgeous, Run Meg Run, knock em dead like you do here. GOOD LUCK!!

  13. This made me laugh out loud. Like the REAL laugh out loud. There are so many reasons this is amazing: Ariel (duh, the greatest princess ever), and those PANTS! I dub thee the fit queen of puff paint! Hope you kicked ass in your marathon! You’re totally my princess hero.

  14. OH GOD YOU DID IT. that crabby fanny pack is sheer genius! you are RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF AMAZING!!!

  15. I love this sooo much! No wonder your hand was shaking, I’m surprised it didn’t fall off! You will be the best dressed princess at the race! Plus you can make lots of hilarious crab jokes and that would cheer me up on the way round.

  16. Go, Ariel, go! Good luck today– you’ll look amazing!

  17. Hehehe this is awesome Meg … Good lucky on the race…

  18. How did you do?!?!?! That outfit is stunning. Your mind is amazing! :)

  19. i love how you found a way to do something so fun and so silly and still have it be something practical, for an event you’re looking forward to…now that is creativity!

  20. This is the best thing. Ever! Some women at my gym were talking about the race Tuesday, I had no idea it existed.