Hot! Almost “The St Valentine’s Day Massacre” dress.



The Facts

Fabric Red and white polka dot jersey
Pattern BurdaStyle Danielle, free
Year 2010?
Notions  White bias binding
Time to complete about 4 hours
First worn Today
Wear again? Yes, when it gets warmer
Total price Everything from my stash, so can’t remember original prices. About  £5.00?

I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s.  I put this down to years of telling myself and everyone else that I didn’t give a toss about a commercial holiday invented to get money out of us.  Of course this was mainly to cover for the fact that only cards I was likely to get would be from my dad and the dog.  But I do think that if you love someone you should be able to tell them that every day, not just on Valentine’s.   I do love red though.

The only red in my stash was a knit.  Well I have been promising myself that I would bite the bullet and make something from a knit, so this would be my first attempt.  I went for a tried and tested pattern, BurdaStyle’s Danielle.  One of my favourite dresses, made for last year’s plaid challenge, used this pattern. I added the bias binding to sort of stop the neck stretching out of shape, and omitted the zipper (Yey!).  Of course if I had done the research I would have known to cut a size smaller.  And then maybe tried to fix it without hacking bits off all over the place.  And I would have known that darts work differently on knits.  Eventually I unpicked the lot and replaced the darts with two little gathers where they should be.  I still need to hem the sleeves, I have been away this week, hence the late post, and just ran out of time.  However overall I am pleased with my first attempt at knits.  I just about got away with the changes I had to make and what was starting to seem like a massacre has miraculously turned out to be wearable. It is a little shorter than I would normally wear but I can still see it getting a lot of use in the summer.





Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. Oooh, I really love this. It inspires me to make a jersey dress, which I’ve been scared to do. This looks so great on you.

  2. Love seeing the Danielle pattern in knits. I think I like it better this way. All the extra fussing about paid off. The fit is great and you look ready for love in it.

  3. I love your fabric choice. Perfect :D

  4. This dress is so sweetly adorable! I love the red polka dots! And, from a first glance, I didn’t ever realize it was sewn with a knit fabric! I bet this will be super comfortable (and chic) for summer!

  5. I’m with you everyday should be a day like valentines day. Love the dress and it fits beautifully. Happy sewing.

  6. It’s great – hope you get it finished.

  7. Kinda love it! Red and polka dotty… :)

  8. It’s super gorgeous, the fit looks spot on. The perfect Summer dress.

  9. cute and cheerful – the white around the neckline highlights nicely.

    • Cheers Jen! I was going to use red but it was the wrong shade. I think I actually prefer it with white. As you said, it highlights nicely.