Hot! ‘A Double Scoop of UFO, Please!’

The Facts

Fabric: Navy blue broadcloth ( &  a sturdy camel colored knit with white knit trim (Joanne Fabrics)
: Colette Beignet & Jasmine
Year: 2000s
Notions: Purdy buttons (you’ve seen ’em before!)
Time to complete: 30 minutes to finish it all up. I would guess about 4.5 hours in total
First worn: Sunday to pick up an old trunk!
Wear again? Absolutely for the shirt and yes to the skirt once I fix the buttons
Total price: I’m guessing that it was under $20, but it’s been awhile since purchasing everything

I’m baaaaaaack!  I tried real hard to complete the challenge last week, even picking out some awesome fabric from my stash, but life just got in the darn way and the dress I literally whipped up turned into the biggest piece of shizzzz.  I wasn’t too happy about it either. The pictures I woke J up to take, which have since been deleted from the universe, were pretty hilarious to look at a week later. Anyways, I’m over it!

This week proved to be a lot easier to manage and on top of that, I am the king queen of UFOs. Like I am seriously the Louis XIV of UFOs people. And just like Louis XIV I do not handle anyone questing my authority. J will ask, “What’s up with that pile over there?” And I tell him to mind his bizzznez unless he wants to shine my golden chamber pot for the next couple weeks! Overly dramatized? Maybe. My brain is some times a blend of the History Channel and a reality TV show. The Real Intendents of Versailles. Oh, that’s an idea!

The UFOs I chose were both Colette patterns that I just never mustered up the ambition to finish.  My very first sewing pattern that I ever attempted way back in 2010, was the Beignet (I was so cray cray!) and it took multiple HOURS over multiple DAYS.  I sewed the lining in backwards three or four times before I just decided to leave it that way. No one should be looking at the insides of my skirt, so they’d never know. Later, I gave that Beignet to a friend who didn’t mind the lining issue, and I decided to try again.  I finally cut the pieces for Beignet #2 in July 2011. Don’t you judge! As far as I’m concerned I intentionally made this a UFO, because I was holding out for those buttons. I love them. What? Don’t question me! I’m Louis XIV, check yo’ self before you’re shining chamber pots as well!

The Colette shirt seemed an obvious UFO to convert for daily wear; the only thing I had to finish was the hem. I actually really enjoyed sewing this pattern from what I remember.  It took a bit longer, but only because I was taking my time as it was the first round with the pattern.  I think that next time I will use a much lighter fabric, probably something sheer, to avoid the stiffness this collar currently has.  It’s not horrible by any means, it’s just not the best fabric choice in my opinion.

All in all, this was an odd challenge for me. Usually I get home from work on Friday night and I turn into a sewing tornado as I begin to cut out the pattern and the fabric.  Then Saturday the storm continues as I sew it all together. If all works out I usually have my Sunday for pictures and the school work I’ve procrastinated on.  But this week! This beautiful, glorious week!  I only had to hem the shirt and then fix the skirt buttons, it was shaping up to be so chill.  More like a deep freeze since I didn’t do either!  Now don’t you get started…gold…chamber…pot…stinky!  Here me out. First, I knew that both would be quick fixes, and second, I had quite a bit of grading to do.  By the time I had dinner on Saturday I didn’t want to use my brain for more any more grading or even sewing. Instead I went on an etsy hunt (like a good queen) with my friend Jack Daniels. I ended up finding the perfect vintage trunk in the Chicago area! I bought it and then realized that I was too drunk off my powers to sew a hem or a button! Early Sunday morning the seller contacted me saying I could pick the trunk up, but I had to get there well before the Superbowl began.  GIMME! NOW!

I got all picture-worthy, drove to Deerfield, loaded up the trunk, and then stopped for some pictures at Bohemian National Cemetery. Since moving to the area I never had the opportunity to explore the cemetery, but always wanted to since it is so old (established in 1877).  We didn’t get to explore much because it is still kind of cold and we wanted to make sure to get home before people snatched up all the good parking spots by our house, and we had this epic trunk to unload. Spring and summer weather will soon be here and with that the bikes will come out, bringing many more opportunities for cemetery adventuring.

Now I have the whole day in front of me! I can finish up on some grading and hopefully get a head start on next week’s theme.  Boy do I have a photo surprise for you lovely ladies!

What was that? The hem? The buttons?  Hear my decree: From this day forth all my subjects are to wear clothing without proper hems or straight buttons! Violate this decree and it’s chamber pot shining for you!  Louis XIV, that’s how I roll…historical ‘n shizzzz.



Cheryl is a teacher, martial artist, crafter and sewer just trying to find balance in a busy world. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin she's now trying to fit into and explore the vast expanse that is Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. Do you mean pattern grading, or are you a school teacher and grading papers – just being nosey! By the way, love your garments,and I like snooping round cemetries too.

    • Thanks, Sarah!

      I meant paper grading. I would rather have been pattern grading though! I teach history to 9th and 10th graders, it’s a pretty good day job ;)

  2. Your blouse and skirt turned out just fine. Sometimes these things need to sit and … mature for a while before you finish them – ripen sort of. And it’s always worth waiting for the right buttons.

    Seriously, what is it with certain persons and one’s ‘pile of shame’. My man Andrew always spots it and asks when I’me going to finish off things. Maybe I should threaten him with the chamber pot shining duty.

    • Thanks, Jen! I like them quite a bit especially now that I’ve fixed the final details. Those chamber pots are no fun…I hope Andrew doesn’t try to test you! ;)

  3. Very entertaining post, Sarah. I’m also curious, did you mean school paper grading? I’m also a teacher, so I can understand how busy your own time can be with the extra work from school. Your outfit is very cute. I’ve got to try Collette Patterns sometime. Everyone seems to have great success with them. I’m looking forward to your big suprise next week!

    • What do you teach, Barbara? I was referencing paper grading. I teach history to 9th and 10th graders. It’s a lot of time, but I can’t imagine having another day job :) Definitely think about trying a Colette Pattern, you won’t regret it!

  4. Your writing style is very funny – I loved reading this, and I like your makes too, great photos

  5. Thanks, Charlotte, you are too kind! :)

  6. I love both but the beignet is so cute! It was worth holding out for the buttons. And your pictures are beautiful! I love taking pictures in old cemeteries. Great job on finally completing both of these!

  7. These are epic! I love the photos- so atmospheric and suit the look to a tee! And nice work on the BEignet- I have tried it three times now and it is my nemesis! Grr…

  8. Great outfit. I love hunting for buttons. Sew on my friend.

  9. You made me giggle! Your skirt and blouse both look great though I would not have picked the Beignet for my first sewing project!! Crazy indeed!

    • Aww shucks, thanks! I wish I would have had you all around earlier in my sewing career to yell/warn/laugh at me for choosing that pattern first. :)

  10. Wait, did I know you lived in Chicago, too??? Super fabulous!! Where did you find that vintage trunk? I’m incredibly jealous :) Back to the outfit: I adore your blouse and skirt combo! They work very well together, and I’m a big fan of navy skirts – well done on both!

    • Haha, now you do know! ;) I was just hunting on etsy and by chance found it. You reminded me that I need to post pictures of it! Thanks, I totally agree on the navy, it’s an obsession!!!