Hot! The ‘You look like a 40’s Nurse’ Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Stretch poplin cotton in kelley green $3.00m and stretch poplin in white $9.00m (-20%). Total 19.22
Pattern: McCalls 4769
Year: 2005
Notions: 7 white Rose buttons, 4 in stash, 4 new. $1.99. Interfacing form stash
Time to complete: 15hrs +, my one step button hole was not one step!
First worn: Jan. 16, 2012
Wear again?: I’m sure!
Total Price:$21.20

When I saw this week’s theme I knew the exact buttons I wanted to use. I’d been saving these in my stash for just the right fabric / pattern combo. My machine is meant to have a 1 step buttonhole function, maybe it did in 10 years ago but now it’s a 3 to 4 step…Frustrating but I pushed through.

I just love the colour in this; it’s my favorite green out there! For so long I’ve wanted to make a dress in this style, and now I have I know why I put it off! I HATE collars! They suck… (If anyone knows a trick or you tube clip, please!) Hopefully with practice I’ll get better. And hand sewing…soooo much! Oh well it’s was TOTALLY worth it, I just love it! Even if the BF says I look like a 1940’s war nurse, I’m happy with it.

I think next time I make this pattern I’ll change the sleeve cuff, make it into more of a French cuff, add another button to it. I’m thinking a purple and red combo!

I was planning to have this finished by the deadline but alas it was way too hot in this week. It’s been like 30 to 35 outside and in the sewing room, about 40!

A big thanks to Mum for being the camera person too!

Hopefully the heat won’t get to me as much this week…


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  1. Be still my heart! This is perfect! Great job. :)

  2. Very cute! It’s -8 Celsius here!

  3. I love love love this dress!!! I want one too. The colour is perfect. It looks great on you.

  4. Ah this is gorgeous!!! I think it is more diner waitress than nurse but I love it! The colour and the buttons are really stunning together.

  5. The nurse bit made me laugh! When I was about 16 or 17, I had a dress almost exactly like that in that colour and I wore it to an evening out with my mum and some of her workmates (from the hospital!). I didn’t realise my dress was the exact colour as some of the nurses uniforms, with white trim!

  6. Lovely fresh colour and definitely you! Very pretty buttons.

  7. Oh my freakin’ god! This is truly awesome! The colour! Those darling buttons! And the collar! Loves it all. Well done :D

  8. Stacey you look HOT HOT HOT and I’m not referring to our current weather status. Fab job on such a beautiful dress, totally hip!

  9. I would so wear this!

  10. You look adorable! Great dress!

  11. Hate it when it’s too hot to sew! Lovely job – more coffee waitress!

  12. So. Freaking. Cute. Those buttons are to die!