The ‘Why is everyone wearing bunny slippers?’ tunic

When I bought this Connie Crawford pattern, I as usual only looked at the picture and read a little bit- ‘Misses top….yadda, yadda- lets go look at pretty fabric…’ But one of my New Years resolutions is fearless disregard sewing so I don’t need these silly outerwear, loungewear boarders! I will be free!  I saw exotic tunicy spleandour and I loved it.


It was only when I saw reviews and realized I was the only one not wearing curlers with it that I realized what a visionary I was! Well, with that solved I was ready, except that this is the buton hole challenge and you see no button holes! Well, I have an excuse (of course!) in  a burst of mature selflessness (eek!) I gave my old sewing machine to Goodwill and by mistake put all the new machines attachments with it?! I had no button hole making foot! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the suffering! So, not to be daunted, I added buttons on both sides and tried to make it look like a plan!

 Anyhoo- The Facts

Fabric: 2.5 yards of a major clearance fabric marked “David’s Bridal’ in the selvage. $5.00
Pattern: Butterick B5434- Connie Crawford- Tops, pants, robe (shh! It’s not jammies!)
Year: 2012
Notions: Lots of buttons!
Time to complete: 3 hours with handstitching at work (don’t tell)
First worn: January 2012
Wear again?: Yes, indeedy! Maybe I’ll even make matching slippers…

Total Price: $35 (lots of buttons! and a new buttonhole foot on order!)



Prttynpnk lives with her overly indulgent husband their 3 orange cats and 3 dachshunds. Much creativity and merriment ensues.


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  1. I wouldn’t have guessed it to be for pjs. That is indeed pretty fabric and I like your styling.

  2. Such beautiful fabric….the buttons seal the deal. No “home sewn” look which I think is the whole point of sewing.

  3. Love your ninja button addition! Well played :D

  4. I love your ensemble, and the colors look great on you! Fabulous addition to any wardrobe, I say, with or without the bunny slippers :)

  5. The colors are so lovely!!