The “Unicorns Go with Everything” Top

The Facts

Fabric:  Liberty of London Tana Lawn “Yoshi D” from Purl Soho<
PatternAdvance 8309
Year: Circa 1950s
Notions:  Buttons, Bias Trim
Time to Complete:  approximately 2 hours
First Worn: July 2011
Wear Again?  Yes!
Total Price: ~$20

Name and Location:  Devra, from the Big Apple of New York City

Blog:  puu’s door of time

How Long Have I Been Sewing?  2.5 years

Why Do I Want to Work With The Sew Weekly Challenges?  Mostly, to be part of a full community of sewers–and to make myself commit to actually finishing garments.  I already sew *most* of a garment a week, and then get hung up on a hem or some buttons or, heavens forfend, a hook-and-eye closure.  Now I can finish more of them and have more fun doing it!

What Do I Love Most About Sewing Garments?  Designing them and cutting them.

What Do I Hate Most About Sewing Garments?  Sewing darts, hemming, and skirt waistbands.

What Do I Want to Accomplish This Year?  More focus, more finished garments and fewer fabric scraps pinned to my wall waiting to become garments.

My Biggest Non-Sewing Goal of 2012:  Remember how much I love cooking, and do more of it.  Find more balance between my hobbies, my pleasures and my chores.

My Favorite Sewing/Fashion Blogs:  there are blogs other than The Sew Weekly?! Tom and Lorenz, oonaballoona, Frabjous Couture, We Sew Retro, Cation Designs, Male Pattern Boldness, Tanit-Isis Sews, My Happy Sewing Place




Devra is a New York-based photographer and sewer who tries to find time to do her day job in between bouts of crazed sewing.


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  1. You are right! Unicorns DO go with everything. I love how happy you are in this picture.

  2. thank you! who is not happy in a shirt with unicorns on it, drinking coffee with friends? it was a great day :-)

  3. i recognize that shot and remember that day fondly!

    and those pants… oh, those pants…

  4. Just when I was getting over those pants, you throw them at me again. Must. Make. I am so glad you are joining in!!!

    • thanks, ladies! i am joining only so i can hope to someday be as cool as you :-)
      looking forward to following you both this year!

  5. ladies, i am participating solely so that i may aspire to the level of coolness you both possess :-) i am looking forward to following both of you this year!

  6. ladies, i am participating solely so that i may aspire to the level of coolness you both posses…looking forward to following you both this year!!