Hot! The Tardis Taffy

The Facts:

Fabric: Royal Blue Polyester from stash

Pattern: Taffy Blouse featured in the Colette Sewing Handbook

Year: 2011

Notions: None!

Time To Complete: 4 hours

First Worn: January 7, 2012

Wear Again?: Omigoodness yes!

Total Price: $0!

Like many ladies I know, I have a good amount of jewelry.  When this challenge first popped up, I went scavenging through my jewelry box to see what goodies I could find.  My eyes immediately landed on my Tardis necklace and earrings that I obtained through the Sisters Ruehl shop.

As some of you may know from following my blog, I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan.  I’m even redoing my bedroom in “Classy Tardis” style.  The only thing I seemed to be missing was an outfit to reflect my absolute geektastic passion.

I’ve been carrying this fabric in my stash for five years.  I knew eventually I would find the perfect pattern to use it, so I saved every scrap I could find. I ended up having to piece together the back, but I’m actually rather pleased with it! I varied from the pattern and cut the fabric on the edge in order to have the sheer stripes run vertically instead of diagonally.

The longest part of this creative process was definitely hand sewing the bias trim onto the sleeves and neckline. While it seemed to take forever, once it was done, I was so glad that I didn’t have any visible stitching to distract from the sheer fabric on the sleeves.  I’m also very pleased that this shirt marks the first time I have ever used French seams – I’m so excited to have learned a new skill!

This is definitely one of the best tops I own, and I’m glad I kept that tan tank top in my closet!

Thanks for reading, Friends, and if you’re a Doctor Who fan, then this video is for you!

Me and K-9


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. So with you on the Dr. who! Love the color, style, and K-9 cameo! Looking forward to nerding out when the show starts back up ;)

  2. Love the color, the style, and the K-9 cameo! We will have to nerd out when the show comes back on :)

  3. Very pretty color on you. I love the bell sleeves. Neat to see bit of you wearing your blouse in a video!

  4. What cool fabric! The colour is great on your Ginger Friend (sadly, my ginger has faded, and I’m blonde again :(…. but love the blue anyways!)

  5. Gah, I love it! Of course, I’d have to love any sort of Doctor Who reference, but still! This blouse is just lovely– the idea of using panels of varying sheerness is an inspiration and makes for a very cute Taffy.

    And that K-9! I almost died, it was so precious!

  6. Oh Meg you have out done yourself, I have to say you look darling in this shade of blue and was well worth the five year wait to cut into this gorgeous fabric. Stunning.

  7. Wow I love it! I really does look Tardis-y but in a grown up tasteful way rather than a I-am-wearing-a-tardis-costume way. Loving the Taffy in sheer fabric too.

  8. It’s very you Meg – I love it! :)
    And I love the K-9 appearance.

  9. The colour is perfect and the taffy is ideal. Sweet as always :-)

  10. I flippin’ LOVE it!!!

  11. OMG. This is Brilliant!! I just love that fabric!!! Well done, my friend!!!

  12. Your blouse is almost as awesome as Dr. Who!

  13. Love the shirt and the Tardis jewelry. You look great in blue :D

  14. Awesome! What a happy outfit. I like what you did with the fabric placement. I had to piece the back of my last Sorbetto the same way, because I was short on fabric, and I like it that way too.

  15. YESSS! I love that you love Dr. Who this much too – my husband and I have Tardis ringtones!

  16. What an amazing cut and color. Really well done and it just looks amazing on you!

  17. This is really pretty.

  18. That is gorgeous! Clever lady!

  19. Hott! I don’t know a stitch about Doctor Who, but I know a good looking blouse when I see one.

  20. Oh. Wow.
    I adore the fabric, the top and the earrings.
    Who win!

  21. Wow! Gorgeous color & fabric! The pretty blouse is stunning on you!

  22. oh, just LOVE this… and love Doctor Who too…

  23. Love it! Also love Doctor Who. Has Torchwood reached the US yet?

  24. i love that you channeled your geek love into something fun and flirty and wearable. i’m practically straining at the bit to come up with something equally fun for my “firefly” fetish. i’m thinking a sleeker version of kaylee’s asian jacket…