Hot! The “Showing Off my Sexy Gams” Shorts

Yes-mother nature finally decided to dump some snow on the Midwest. So, why did I make shorts you ask? Well, first of all, they’re wool so at least some part of me won’t freeze. The second reason is to show off my sexy gams. And the third reason is because my first project was a disaster. I was going to make a plain white blouse. It was coming along quite poorly but I figured not every project could be a success and that pushing through to the end was what was important. At some point I realized that instead of using interfacing I had used Wonder Under. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize it. I thought I could work with it but when I sewed the wrong side facing out on the collar and ironed it to the ironing board I knew it was time to trash it.

This left me with one day to cut, mark, and sew a project in time for this week’s challenge. This project has been on my to-do list for a couple of months now. I got a great tweed jacket from one of my clients and I wanted to wear it with something fun to keep it looking fresh and stylish. I didn’t wear the jacket here so that you could see the shorts better.

I used McCall’s M5633 but left off the belt loops and tabs to keep the design simple. I also shorted them quite a bit so I could show off my sexy gams. The wool was a remnant I had from back in the day and I used fabric from a pillow case for the facings and pockets. It took me about 4 hrs to make them.

So here’s the story about the button. When I was pregnant with my first son I decided that I was tired of wearing large dresses and over sized t-shirts. Back then maternity wear was not hip. It was big and flowery and not very attractive. I decided that I would make some pants that I could wear after that baby-when I got my figure back. I never paid attention to my size back then I just knew I was a small so I took my pattern and cut the smallest size it had. I made the pants out of brown burlap (with no lining) and thought this button would complement the fabric nicely. I made the pants and set them aside. After my son was born I tried squeezing myself into them. I don’t think I got them past my hips. They sat around some more until I finally gave them to a neighbor’s very tiny babysitter who thought it was very cool to wear pants made out of burlap (with no lining). Actually, I still think it would be cool to wear pants made out of burlap but now that I’m older and wiser I would add a lining.

I will be wearing these shorts some time soon with that cute tweed blazer, brown tights, and my brown suede and patent leather oxford pumps.




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Very stylish – and I’m glad your button got a second chance at an outing. It also works in beautifully with your top (Love that top!)

  2. Great job on the shorts! Love your little button story.

  3. Shorts in the winter is a great look (especially if you’ve got the gams for it). Yours turned out well – that button is the perfect accent.

  4. Love the shorts! The button is too cute :D

  5. Super fab shorts for super hot gams with a super complementary button. Winner!

  6. Very cool – great gams too