Hot! The Sew Weekly, in Numbers

I wanted to do a Sew Weekly in numbers last year but never got to it. Considering how long it took me to make this up, now I know why.Oddly enough, it was the designing and not the number crunching that took the most time. Thank goodness for “The Facts!” My favorite stat is that my favorite creation of last year, The “Dogs in Boas” Dress was also my most inexpensive to make: $.25. Adey, Debi, Sarah, Veronica and Oona. If you want the same chart, just get me your data. I’m so not going through all those posts!

Here’s Veronica’s:


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. oh my god. I SO WANT THIS SHEET. it took me 6 hours just to make a year end picture collage.

    the assistance stat is especially nice.

  2. The “Number of times assistance was needed to get out of a garment” is officially my favourite category.

  3. I agree – the assistance stat is perfect! I’m always getting stuck in my clothes.

  4. Great year end review!

  5. 13 zippers omitted?! Were these adaptations of designs that originally had zippers or were these zippers removed from items that had them… zipper extractions? Either way, awesome infographic!

  6. Very, very neat. It’s so interesting to see all the numbers like that!

  7. the best 2011 round up i have ever seen in the sewing blog world! :D it was very fun!

  8. OMG. It’s fascinating, hilarious, and very informative. I guess I’d need a stat for assistance needed to get INTO a garment.
    Thanks for this excellent summary. It really emphasizes the unbelievable amount of work you did.

  9. This is amazing! 65 garments in one year?! And I love that your least expensive garment was your favorite and the most expensive you only wore once.

  10. Wow. That is amazing, Mena!! It’s a great reflection on your sewing and a concrete example of the sheer volume of work you have done. Congratulations!!!

  11. This is great! I love the stats (I love stats), but I really appreciate the time you have put into designing this beauty. The look is half the fun!! Thank you. And, hmmm:

    Had these numbers any impact on your sewing resolutions for the next year, Mena?

  12. OH my – that is IMPRESSIVE! I love the way you have put all these stats together – that alone is doing my head in!!

  13. Brilliant! I just love how this looks! I’ll get my numbers to you!!! I love the total number of days spent sewing!

  14. Love this infographic! It´s impressive you only spent 16 days sewing so many garments. I believe it took me that much time just for one: my jeans

  15. Off topic here but the Graphic Design in that layout is fantastic.

  16. I am in love and awe of this collage/installation/presentation! How did you do it? (I was about to ask: is there an app for that? lol.) And I agree on the whole assistance to get out of garment thing, my last dress for 2011 required about fifteen minutes of lacing (both the corset underneath and then the fancy lacing on the dress, sigh). My darling man had _very_ much fun at me because of this…

  17. What a great graphic!

  18. This is great. I love it all laid out together. Great info!

  19. Iam a sucker for stats.. this is so much fun!

  20. Whoa. This is so impressive – both the stats AND the infographic. I so want one, and can’t imagine how you put this together.
    I guess keeping track of what you made would be a good start. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  21. This chart is AWESOME. Wow! You have serious skills- both graphically and sewing :)

  22. That’s so cool. This may be the coolest I’ve seen yet on Seweekly.

  23. LOVE this graphic!

  24. This is JUST incredible! And so fun! I’m going to number crunch today, as I’d love to have a record of this too! xoxoxo

  25. What a hoot – I haven’t kept track of my own makings (makes me wish I did!)

  26. WOW – those are some super impressive numbers!

  27. That is a brilliant presentation! Mena, you obviously have many, many talents in addition to sewing.

  28. That is fab – especially the 25c for most favourite garment made stat.

  29. I am absolutely doing this for my next year in review! I think thats fabulous! I also completely agree that the “no. of times assistance was needed to get out of a garment” is the best category!

  30. Absolutely adore these infographics! So cute.