Hot! The “Rosa” Top

The Facts

Fabric: 2 yards red cotton sateen, $18 from JoAnn (from stash)

Pattern: Simplicity 3964

Year: 2006

Notions: embroidery floss, interfacing

Time to complete: 8 hours? (not including embroidery)

First worn: Sunday

Wear again: Yes

Total cost: about $20

Since I pretty much avoid shopping altogether, this challenge didn’t call my name.  Then suddenly in the middle of the week, inspiration struck.  I remembered this top in the Tea catalog, which I probably received as a result of ordering clothes for my daughter online.  I also remembered some red cotton sateen that I was planning to make into a Peony dress and a peasant top pattern I have.  And then I set to work.


Of course, there was no way I could replicate the beautiful, massive embroidery of the inspiration.  The simple design I chose took several hours.  I like the way the red on red looks, but ideally the roses would be a little more noticeable.  Boy do those light green leaves pop.  I wish I’d gone with olive.

with my new necklace from Sora Designs!

This is not your most basic top.  That inset was a bit of a pain.  I was patient and thorough, and I know I’ll probably wear this top more than I would a dress made out of the same fabric.  But somehow I feel like I should have just bought the top from Tea, which is even on sale now.  I know, I know, awful! Totally against the spirit of Make This Look!  I’m pleased I was able to address two sewing goals for the year, to think more about embellishment, and to use what my machine can do (I used a decorative stitch on the inset).  But yeah, I can’t say I’m super excited about the way either one of those turned out.

Please pardon the wrinkles; the top was bunched up into a puffy coat on the way to West Elm and a nearby French cafe, where these photos were taken.  We finally had some snow here in New York this weekend.



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. Pretty, nice detail on the yoke structure.

  2. The top is really cute and your embroidery is darling!

  3. I think your version looks great on you and the detailing is lovely.

  4. Very cute! I really like the embroidered details.

  5. I envy your ability to wear red! Wonderful embroidery as well!

  6. I really like your take on that pattern and then your exquisite detail with the embroidery. You have inspired me to put this on my “Gotta try that” list.

  7. I do like this – and it is a good thing to make garments that you really will wear. The embroidery is lovely.

  8. This is really cute- my first impression was that I love it! It’s nicely made and tasteful, and your embroidery is really pretty. :)

    (I love that your bio says “highly educated stay at home mom…” Check.)

  9. Thank you, ladies! I think I just got sick of this thing after working on it so long.

  10. I really like this! This is lovely and causal but special, with the embroidery. I like it more then the original, much more wearable!

  11. Lee, it’s just fantastic. I adore your embroidery details, and I love the inset! The color of the shirt is just so lovely.

  12. I love the embroidery! It’s a beautiful top :) Thank you, Meg, for linking to this because I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise!

  13. The embroidery is just awesome! So cute!