Hot! The “Rehearsal” Skirt

The Facts
Fabric: I’d guess around 5 yards of red plaid fabric, though it was 22 inches wide, which I picked up for free from a friend!
Pattern: None
Year: 2012
Notions: 5 buttons
Time to Complete: 2 hours
First Worn: January 2012 while cooking dinner for the hubby
Wear Again: Definately around the apartment!
Total Price: Free!

I have lots of fabric scraps in my closet and way too many dresses in my closet, so I am trying to use up those scraps and build more separates that I can mix and match.  I picked up this fabric from a friend and wasn’t sure what to make with it at first.  I love to lounge in the apartment in skirts and I haven’t made a wide circle skirt in a long time.

I call this my “rehearsal” skirt, because when I was in college working in a costume shop, all of the new employees had to make “rehearsal skirts.”  These were floor length skirts, with gathered waists.  They were nearly always made out of plaid fabric.  My first thought when I saw this fabric was those skirts.  And even while sewing, before hemming it, it kept reminding me of those skirts.

I drafted the pattern myself, which wasn’t too challenging since it’s just a big circle skirt.  I had to cut it in sections because my fabric was only 22 inches wide, so I ended up with 8 panels of the skirt.  The fabric is also pretty thin, so I lined it with another layer of the same fabric.

There isn’t a zipper, which saved time… and having to find a zipper in my apartment, because I put a line of buttons down the left side.  Sewing buttons on my machine is a piece of cake luckily as it has its own setting and everything.  Just place the foot on the fabric and go!  This probably won’t get worn to work since it is only held closed by the buttons.  So if for some reason one came undone… well that would be unfortunate.

PS- The rest of the outfit isn’t made by me, but nearly all of the pieces have been altered to fit me better!  And you get to see my puppy helping me make my photos more adorable!



Becky Bean has been sewing since she was in elementary school, including personal use, for other people, a mini alteration business, and a stint in a theatre costume shop! She loves vintage style and is hoping to find more time in her busy schedule to keep up the weekly sewing!


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  1. Free! Fabulous – that’s the way to do it!

  2. Your skirt looks great and your puppy is a-frickin’-dorable!

  3. The skirt looks cute and your dog is adorable. Win all around!

  4. I’m becoming a big fan of skirts to lounge around the house in, but I have yet to try a floor-length one. I like how a lightweight skirt can totally work in the colder months with the right accessories (and I am including the pup).

  5. Wow, sounds like a lot of work went into that skirt. I see the button closure on the side, where the skirt comes together. That’s a very creative way around a zipper. Cute dog too!

  6. Oh cute… Wish I could see the buttons better.
    Love the back story. :)

  7. Your dog is so cute! I think it’s always a good idea to accessorize with something as cute as that! ;) I’ve been thinking about making a circle skirt, myself.

  8. LOVE this skirt – I’m so glad you were able to use the fabric!

  9. So cute! You should definitely wear it out of the house :) Tights/slip, you’re done.