Hot! The natty netty blouse

Fabric: polyester chiffon; ˜ $8 going by the price on the bolt, but I most likely got this on sale
Pattern: Jasmine by Colette (I’m guessing if I’ve sewn this before, then I don’t have to include the price here?)
Year: 2012
Notions: thread, interfacing; stash
Time to complete: ? forgot to keep track
First worn: January 2012, for the photo shoot with my landlady; Officially – on a film date w/hubs tomorrow night
Wear again: Most def, though I’ll need to redo the cuff. All that working out & reeling ’em in, ya know ;)

Total price: ˜ $8

The odds were stacked: photographer out of town, 2 broken tripods, no camera remote, fading daylight, a fluorescent ring lamp fallen and shattered on the floor. I had just swept up the mess, resigned to the fact that the first real SW challenge would not be met by me when, what’s that? A tug on the line? Patience, patience, then snap! Don’t want them to nibble off the last of your bait and leave you with nothing but an empty hook. I reeled in that little fish and scooped it up with my net. No fish stories here.

If it weren’t for my landlady, this post would not exist. Ring, ring! Oh, of course, this is a great time to come down and match wood for the replacement cabinet. Me? I’m just trying, and failing, to take photos of myself. How vain, right. Yeah, Ry’s out of town. That’s sweet, but don’t worry about it, not a big deal, I’d feel silly posing in front of you. Well, if you insist…..

The accessory: fishnet stockings. The garment: a wavy, undulating, flowing Jasmine in black & white. I’ve had this fabric forever, and it’s not the first garment made up in it. Won’t be the last time you see it, either. Apparently I bought the remainder of the bolt, and now that I’m serious about stash-busting…

I really like the print. Duh! I bought it. But it’s from back in the day when I didn’t know where to find high-quality fabric. The polyester is a major static-maker. Guess that’s one way to kill a fish – shock it. Good thing about it the poly? My iron sputtered as I pressed the CF and an ugly coffee stain resulted. (I swear I keep my iron clean y’all!) But it just rubbed right out with some lake tap water. The seams are French, and I made bias binding out of the fabric for the armscye. The facings and armbands are interfaced with organza.

Seriously, folks, I had to give Sue a hug! She was so insistent on taking these. Her husband was practically pulling her out the door, and lovely Sue stood her ground. It was this weird bonding moment like one might have with a new friend. She was psyched to help out, wanted to go to the park to get some outside shots! She even got into directing a bit… “Oh, give me some edge! It needs to be edgy!” How ’bout tired. I can do tired.






Lavender has sewing in her blood. Raised by a working seamstress, she was always surrounded by the craft, but defiant when it came to learning the proper way to do anything. After years of hacking up t-shirts, jeans, vintage finds and selling tie satchels (gasp!) in a local shop, she packed up her machine. A few years ago, she dusted it off, determined to learn the right way 'round a machine & pattern.


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  1. That is a great blouse! I’m also envious of your hair style – love it!

  2. One sweet blouse. Styling is great – gotta love those random bolts of fabric one ends up with – sooo many possibilities. Wonderful landlady too

  3. Lavender – you look stunning in these photos! That first shot is gorgeous! Is that Meringue, too? Have I missed your blog post on this skirt? This whole outfit is perfect! Bravo!

  4. Love the blouse, the skirt, the style. You look fabulous!

  5. Love it! And the circumstances around the picture = priceless!

  6. Your post made me giggle! The shirt looks pretty and your landlady did great on the pictures.

  7. You look adorable in that blouse. Secretly (well, not so secretly now), even though I know it’s against the rules of the sewing gods, I buy polyester fabrics. Sometimes, they’re just so pretty and flowy. And JoAnn doesn’t exactly have a huge selection of high-quality fashion fabric. :) I’d have bought that fabric even now, and it looks great.

    • Your secret is safe with me! Can’t vouch for anyone else ;) This probably came from JoAnn or Hancock… that’s all I had available for the longest time.

  8. What a sweet landlady! You totally look edgy, or at least as edgy as one can be in a blouse with a bow? The blouse looks excellent, and I can sympathize with having poly in the stash from before I knew about sewing.

  9. The combination of the blouse with the skirt is perfect. I love the fir of the blouse as well. Quite sweet, all of it.

  10. Thanks :) Gotta hand it to Colette patterns for being so mix & match!