Hot! The “My hair is too pink for this!” Dress


The Facts

Fabric: Green poly/cotton poplin –  $13.44
Pattern: New Look 6587 – from the stash probably $3 or $4
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Buttons $2
Time to complete: What felt like 16,000 hours.  Probably like 10 in reality
First worn: January 2012
Wear again? I’m on the fence

Total Cost: -$19.44



Okay so I’m a bit disappointed in this dress.  I had such high expectations for it.  I think I just don’t like princess seams, I can never get them right.

Here’s the inspiration:


Super cute.  Now obviously I used a green fabric but I had it in my stash and I’m trying to not buy fabric. (We’ll see how long that lasts!)


So after making 1,000 muslins (2) I thought everything was okay. So I started cutting.  Well I don’t like the fit in the bodice.  This pattern for me was awful.  Just weird and large all over.  Plus the sash pattern was way too short to tie in a bow. So if you make it up keep that in mind.

Stuff that was entirely my fault:  Buttons.  Yeah I was one short so I used a totally different colored one since I am way too over this dress to drive 2 minutes and buy another one.

Thread.  There are about 6 different colors of green thread in here and some black.  Again, too lazy to drive over to Wallyworld and pick up some more.  But really, who actually wants to go to Wal-mart?

My hair.  Too pink for this green.  I bought this fabric back when I had brown hair.

The sleeves.  Ya’ll I really tried, but after ripping them out the third time I admitted defeat.

So yes.  It’s not my best and I may never wear it again, but I finished it.  I didn’t let it defeat me! Lol

Here’s some shots where you can really tell how much I love this dress. :P




Sorry this pictures are so dark! I was running out of time and it’s been so dark and rainy here lately.



Christi lives in the Atlanta, GA area. She's a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old who thinks she's at least 15. She wants to eventually make an entire wardrobe filled with nothing but fantastic handmade items.


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  1. Hi Christi, I dress looks lovely in the photos, so I’m sorry to read it was such a challenge. Green and red, also thought that was luck of the Irish color combo! Hope you wear it again.

  2. I think it looks really good! Why not wear pink and red together/ Maybe if you come back to it with fresh eyes after a while you might forget the headache and actually like it again. It doesn’t look as though it has fitting issues in the pictures.

  3. I agree – I think if you step away from it long enough for the frustration to fade, you may like it more. I think it came out well :-).

  4. Sorry, but I think it looks completely adorable on you.

  5. I think it looks really, really good on you- and you look so cool with your pink hair!

  6. I think it looks great!

    I always look forward to your posts! :)

  7. I have to agree with the others that it looks pretty darn cute in the pictures! I have a dress that I hated when I first made it and now it’s one of my favorites.

  8. I must say that I think it looks stunning on you! As a girl who has bought that dress (and then gave it away because omg could it have been made of a cheaper cotton?), I think your version has character, class, and some seriously awesome color. I really like that you made it sleeveless! And your pink hair is pretty amazing – it goes with everything in my eyes ;)

  9. Well done for hanging in there and getting the dress finished. I think it looks great – but I totally get how you feel ….. happens to me most times!

  10. I have to say that I would prefer your version over the real one–flimsy cotton and bad fit! Yours looks so great in fit and color. And your hair can NEVER be too pink ;)

  11. You crazy thing, you look great! I prefer the sleeveless version; it shows off your tattoos. Which have pink, which matches your hair, which goes with the dress anyway.

  12. I think it’s really cute too! Great perseverance getting the job done. We’re one committed group of sewers aren’t we?

  13. Congrats on getting it done. Have you considered a full bust adjustment? It looks like its straining around your “girls.” You might also look into some adjustments in the back, maybe a sway back adjustment to remove some of the extra fabric above the tie. The dress has potential, especially if you get a better bodice fit. But again, you got it done! That counts for a lot.

    • Thank you for the reply with suggestions! Yes after looking at these pictures that’s what I thought too. Which I THOUGHT I had worked out in the muslins but I think I need to go back to the drawing board on it.

  14. who says pink and green don’t work together?? I rather like the simplicity of this dress and your hair rocks.

  15. You look amazing lady, of course those colours go together, great dress Christi, it looks perfect to me. Take your hat off, show your true colours, why not :P

  16. Super cute! I had the same problem of spending too long on my project and doubting it by the end of the week. But, as you say, at least it’s done! Or you can make changes, if you decide to. . .

  17. Your pink hair owns this frock! I love the colours together! So super cute!