Hot! The “Master Mixologist” Dress

The Facts

Fabric:Baby Blue polyester from a garage sale $2. Baby blue cotton sheet for lining in stash.
Pattern:New Look 6968 $7.50
Year: Contemporary
Notions: 1 x 21″ zip, in stash.
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: January 2012
Wear again? Yes, When the weather gets cooler, much cooler!

Total Cost: ~$10



When I first saw this weeks theme I said to myself, my ‘Buttons‘ dress could have worked here as the ‘The Baba-blue Dress‘!

So now to choose a new dress…I was tossing up between When the Night Comes Dress and Master Mixologist Dress. I sat down to go through my patterns and the Make this Look range while Glee was on (I just LOVE Glee) when I spied Ms Pillsbury in the Master Mixologist Dress and the choice was made for me!

The pattern is very simple and easy to follow. The instruction for the invisible zip just confused me so I used the Colette Patterns Zip tutorial. Thinking about it now I should have done the invisible zip with facing! I would have covered the fact that the only zip i could use was orange!

The front bow was the only part I had any problems with. The first time I cut it out, as per Mena’s instructions I made it too short, the second time it was sill too short, even with 5cm extra! Now I had run out of fabric…. S#@t! After scratching my head and kicking a few things I went to bed. The next day I grabbed both of the bow parts and altered one into an actual bow. The other bow shape I tacked down into the basic shape of the lower bow part. Then I tacked both together, done!

I even did a blind hem, and I don’t like hand stitching at all!!

The BF was my camera man this week, we had trouble getting good photos! Inside it was too dark, even with the windows open. Outside there was too much light! For the next theme I think I’ll take them at night!!

Now on to next week’s theme and beating this heat!


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  1. You did a great job with the bow – Looks very much like the original dress!

  2. I hear you regarding wearing synthetics in the heat – awful. Great dress, the bow looks amazing despite your difficulties and the hem makes it look expensive! Nice one.

  3. wow – this is a completely different look from last week. You look very demure.

  4. This is gorgeous! The colour looks great on you. I love the ruffle too.

  5. Came out great – well done!

  6. I never would have guessed the bow gave you so much trouble. It looks great!

  7. Spot on! That’s a lovely color on you, too :)

  8. Lovey in so many ways! Great job on the dress and the pictures, too!

  9. cute! love the color and the bow!

  10. It looks great! I was very close to making this dress too. It’s so cute. I also have the New Look pattern… Isn’t it a great one?!

  11. That turned out great, nice job!

  12. I love it! It looks great on you and that bow looks spot on!

  13. Nice save on the bow! Your dress looks lovely!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, and that colour really suits you.

  15. That color blue looks amazing with your blonde hair. Lovely dress & great work on the bow!

  16. It’s so interesting to see what people do with a pattern that you have yourself. Your dress is adorable and the bow? Wow!

  17. So pretty, adore the bow! And I love the demure pastel color with the blue belt, really nice styling.