Hot! The “Little Miss Square” blouse

The Facts

Fabric: Vintage cotton blend  

Pattern: Colette Violet

Year: 2011

Notions: 7 fabric-covered buttons (done by yours truly)

Time to complete: I’m getting a timer! Uhh… 4 hours?

First worn: In my front garden

Wear again? Yes. Maybe… Probably.

Total price: ~$10


I’ve got a thing for well made patterns, especially Colette’s. The instructions are clear and I get all weak in the knees when opening that glossary section. This violet blouse was no different, but despite the heavenly instructions I’m unsure how I feel about the finished product.


I’ve read other blogger’s reviews about finding the violet blouse boxy, but when looking at their pictures I think “What, are you crazy? You’re a hot tomale dipped in blue cheese sauce!”. However I, too, am feeling a bit square. Perhaps I should make it in a softer fabric for a more drapey feel? Or perhaps this pattern just comes with a side serve of delusional-self-perception?

Square or not I’m sure this little mod-style violet will get loads of use with jeans or high-waisted skirts for uni. Also, I’m proud of my first attempt at the fabric covered buttons. This is a new technique for me and, surprisingly, was a breeze! I’ll definitely be doing them again in future.


Reana Louise

Reana Louise is an Art History student who began sewing in 2011. Somewhere along that path she got obsessed.


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  1. What a great top! I love the pattern- it is fantastic. And kudos for the fabric buttons :D

  2. I think it looks lovely, but I too am not sure on the violet. I made one a while back but it was too boxy for me to bother finishing. I have some thin coral dobby spot material and I’ve thought about trying again but we shall see. Maybe a chiffon?

  3. I actually really like fabric. If you find you don’t wear it often enough because of the shape, I imagine you could taper the side seams, alter or add darts, or any number of other minor changes to get the shape you want. It looks great though in the pictures. And, congrats on gaining the skill of fabric-covered buttons.

  4. I don’t think this is boxy at all! And I LOVE it paired with the skirt (in fact, I think a skirt like that needs a shirt like Violet to make it not–forgive me–skanktastic)–it’s like a little bit of sugar with a little bit of spice.

  5. that’s a lovely version of the violet and one of the few i’ve seen that *isn’t* too boxy! :-)

  6. I think this looks great, everything can’t be fitted :-) Love that print.

    • Great point! Maybe I’m so used to fitted clothing I need to just embrace the loose, flowy top. Actually I probably NEED to embrace the loose top after Christmas! :P

  7. It’s a lovely blouse made with a super cute fabric, but I get what you mean about the pattern. I’m on the fence wether to modify it and give it another try or just leaving it be.

  8. It’s lovely, I love the fun fabric you choose.

    I actually made a violet blouse too for this challenge but my post hasn’t made it up yet. I did find it very!! blousey but luckily I don’t feel like a square. I picked out a very drapey cotton (almost feels like a drapey rayon, but it’s cotton) and I’m sure that must have helped me feel-unsquare.

    But I really think yours turned out fab!! :)

  9. whatever the heck a hot tomale is you do look lovely in your blouse

  10. I don’t think you or this blouse could be any cuter!
    I love the idea of the fabric covered buttons — must try this soon. Glad you picked this lovely fabric, it really works well with the pattern. Maybe I’ll finally dig my (still unused) Colette Violet out and give it a whirl. :)

  11. Great blouse – So bright & happy!!!

  12. I have in my pattern stash but haven’t yet tried the Violet, but will take (in advance) your advice about a softer drapier material. I do like the print of the fabric that you used and am very glad to hear that fabric covered buttons are not complicated.

  13. I get all weak at the knees when opening a Colette pattern too, your Violet version is super chic, you look great in it.

  14. So adorable! Love the buttons and the collar.

  15. Can somebody tell me which pattern this is based off of?

  16. Such a fun print! It’s a great look on you.. Congrats on the covered buttons.

  17. Nice work Reana – I love the fabric. And plus, any boxiness you may feel from wearing it doesn’t show, especially with that va-va-voom skirt! Excellent pairing! :)

  18. I love the print of your fabric! So fun, and I think it looks lovely with this pattern. Yay for covered buttons!

  19. I love the look of this blouse but I have heard a lot of reviews about it being boxy. The collar is just so adorable though. I love the fabric you chose!

  20. Love the covered buttons! Always a sucker for those! Haven’t sewn the Violet, but it does look nice on you :)