Hot! The Last Dinner on the Titanic

Here’s an event for all you Bay Area costumers (or those who want to give costuming a try). The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents The Last Dinner on the Titanic, and dinner event in Oakland that recreates the last meal served on the ship one hundred years ago.

Back in 1996, before James Cameron’s Titanic came out, I was the biggest Titanic nerd playing this computer game in my college dorm room. When I hear that there was going to be a movie, I was pretty excited. I loved Titanic in the theater. Unfortunately, as I’ve matured, the dialog and acting has basically made it unwatchable. That all said, I’m probably going to end up seeing it in the theater when it’s re-released in spectacular 3-D. (I have yet to see a movie in 3-D, have absolutely no interest). But there.

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More importantly, I’ve loved watching the Downton Abbey fashions (even as an American, I’m caught up all the way to the Christmas special. Shhh!). So here’s a chance to make a 1912-era dress that channels Downton more than Titanic. Kind of like this gorgeous one.

Here’s the costume guidelines:

Costumes are required for this event. Please select what a 1st Class Passenger would wear to dinner 1908-1918. Evening gowns or a dressier form of a tea gown would be appropriate for women and a formal dinner jacket or tux for men.

I have never gone to a GBACG event, though I’m a member of its sister organization, The Art Deco Society of California. Incidentally, one of the first things I sewed (but never finished) was something that I was going to wear to the Sweetheart’s Row all the way back in 2002. I chickened out ten years ago but am determined to go this year. Whether I will find a friend willing to attend with me is another question.

Anyone planning/interested in going to this event? Tickets for non-members cost $120 each, of course including the seven course menu. Members of GBACG, Art Deco Society, Costumers’ Guild West, and Somewhere in Time, Unlimited pay $95 per ticket.

Update: I bought two tickets to the dinner. Who knows who I’ll convince to go with me, but I’m going.


Mena Trott

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  1. You have got to go – that would be SO much fun. Oh how I wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world …. that is almost worth a special trip! Keep us posted as to whether you go etc, etc.

  2. I wanna go!

    Let’s see, San Francisco is about 18 hours away…. Hmm…

  3. Check out these beautiful gowns circa 1912 posted on Madame Gillotine:

  4. I decided to wait to watch Downton Abbey in “real” (US) time and saw episode 2:1 last night. I was especially drawn to the simple kimono blouse (usually with a contrasting collar and sleeve band) and skirt combinations worn by both Sybil & Edith, the coral jacket worn by Lavinia in an outdoor scene with Mary and Matthew, and the long sweater with the belt tie worn by Sybil at the beginning.

  5. Oh. My. Lord. If my spring break aligns with this I am so there. Can’t wait to see what you sew up!

  6. If you like Downton Abbey and you like the Titanic, you may be pleased to know that there’s a new Titanic drama due on UK TV soon (so may take a while to reach other countries) written by Julian Fellowes, who writes Downton.

    • Yeah, I saw the trailer. It’s so hard for a Titanic movie/series to not look like the movie since the costumes, styling and set are identical. But I’m sure the dialog will make up for any similarities to the Cameron pic.

  7. Ooohh Mena, this one sounds like fun too! Can I handle two costume events in one year? Hmmm… I did love Gatsby and the thought of making a Downton dress might not be enough to resist…

  8. This dinner does sound like fun. I definitely don’t have any patterns in this era though. Any suggestions?

    Also, I’m sad to learn that the Titanic movie doesn’t get better with age. It stayed in the theaters forever. I’ll be wary if I ever get the inkling to watch it again.

  9. I am from Southampton in the UK – Drove past the dock Titanic sailed out of only today! And past the big old hotels you can see in the old footage. 100 yrs this year and there is going to be a new Sea City museum opening, I have already decided if they need a costumed tourguide I want the job! Love you blog.

  10. GBACG is a VERY friendly crowd, with a lot of costume/sewing bloggers. is one GBACG member’s site/blog; plus it has helpful articles on making clothes for the event, and links to other GBACG member blogs. Could be helpful!