Hot! The “Kiss N’ Ride” Blouse

The Facts
Fabric: Black cotton blousing fabric, with flocked dots and woven stripes.  Reclaimed from a previous skirt that wasn’t “quite right.”
Pattern: The “Not-a-T-shirt” pattern with a keyhole variation, loosely based on Burda 08-2009-117.  I have made this blouse with several variations more times than I can count.  It goes together quickly with minimal fabric- just four seams and the facing.  I can dress the blouse up or down, depending on the fabric I use and styling.  The Kiss N’ Ride blouse fits into my work wardrobe.
Year: 2012, inspired by keyhole blouses of the 1940’s.
Notions: Thread, scrap of armoweft interfacing
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: January 7, for photos.  I left it on the rest of the day because it’s so comfortable.
Wear again? Yes!  I needed a new basic black top, it goes with almost all of my work clothes.  I didn’t allow myself to sew much with black last year or wear it head-to-toe because it’s one of my style traps.  I love solid black, but it was taking over my closet.  Now I’m back in black, with plenty of bright colors to liven up my palette.

Total price: Free


I used a freshwater pearl brooch as my inspiration for this piece.  I had a similar keyhole blouse and used the brooch as a closure because I liked the effect.  The first blouse has long died, this is the re-incarnation I hadn’t bothered to make yet- Sew Weekly is already encouraging me to get my projects finished in a timely manner!

Refashioning notes:

I tend to constantly recycle my clothing.   When I realize a garment isn’t going to work for me, I fold it up and stick it in my “remake” box before the fabric begins to wear out.  This skirt was way cuter in my mind than on my body- I realize now that I prefer bottoms with waistbands; this skirt just had a facing edge.  It languished in my remake box for the better part of two years before I dug it out the other day.

It was a middy length 4-gore skirt with bias seams.  I was so careful about matching the stripes the first time, I decided to feature them on my centers front and back.  I folded the skirt along the bias seams, cut my pattern pieces on the fold/old seamline and assembled the garment.  Easy!

Since this is a “work” blouse for me, we took the photos in a local commuter carpark.  I love this “Kiss N’ Ride” sign, adorable!

We took this shot later that night, sans brooch to show the shape of the neckline.  I think I’ll wear it like this as well!



Stephanie mothers, writes, and teaches sewing in Brisbane, Australia. She blogs about sewing, drafting, vintage style and sustainability at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World.


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  1. I love the way it looks with the brooch. Gorgeous dress!

  2. I like how versatile that top can be – dress up or down. The brooch really sets off the keyhole.

  3. My comment keeps disappearing…
    I like how versatile this top is – dress up or down. The brooch sets off the keyhole really well.

  4. it is rather elegant in its simplicity. LBTs (little black tops) are a great staple.

  5. I love the keyhole, open & brooched! LBT FTW.

  6. Ohhh! The keyhole feature is stunning! I’m loving it with the brooch though- sassy!

  7. Totally love this!

  8. YAY! I absolutely adore this blouse. I love the shape of the keyhole and it looks great with and without the brooch! And how funny is that sign? I just love it!!

  9. Great top Steph, I love the first photo, lots of fun, I bet you stopped traffic that day.

  10. ooo I love it! great idea to use the brooch as part of the actual top rather than just an inspired by.

  11. Really pretty! And I’m so impressed it’s made from a skirt that wasn’t working for you – that’s a discipline I’d like to learn!

  12. So pretty! I love the shape of the neckline- without the brooch, too! Really nice.

  13. Very pretty! I love the neckline and you did a great job matching up the side seams. I love how you reused something old to make something new!

  14. Lovely neckline! Great job matching up the side seams too. It’s really nice to see how something old can be turned into something new and pretty.

  15. The neckline is fantastic with or without the brooch – well done!!

  16. Really, really cute! This is so lovely!

  17. Gorgeous top – I love the keyhole neckline …… and great photos!

  18. Thanks so much! :)

  19. I love it! It looks so comfortable but also completely professional. I want a version of this pattern for me!

  20. You look great in this top. I like the subtle mitered stripes and the way it looks both with and without the brooch. Also your blog, which I just discovered, is like an encyclopedia! If I can figure out how to skype, I may be consulting you one of these days.

  21. I love this! What a fabulous textured little black dress and such a beautiful cut!