Hot! The ‘Jumping in Puddles’ Dress


The Facts

Fabric: 3 yards of Japanese cotton print. On sale for $24
Pattern: Colette Parfait. Second use so $0
Year: 2009
Notions: 2 leftover buttons and red piping from stash, and red zipper $1.50
Time to Complete: 5 hours
First worn: January 21st, 2012. I paired it up with a cardigan so I wasn’t freezing.  I was indoors watching a dance competition all day.
Wear again: Yes!
Total Price: $25.50


Well the Bay Area finally decided that it’s winter!  We were having a wonderful warm spell when the rain finally started.  But that’s just in time for the this week’s theme – celebrating the opposite season in honor of our friends down under!  Now I could officially say that it was the winter… and make a summer dress.  Wait, that’s crazy!

It’s only fitting that the dress be Colette’s Parfait.  I made a version of this last year that was probably the dress that I wore the most last summer.  I thought I would save some time by having the pattern already cut out, but I probably used all of that saved time back up by the details.

I added a red piping to the middle of the dress and pockets.  I used Adey’s tutorial to insert the piping, and while it was time consuming, I totally love how it changes the look of the dress.  I also had two red buttons leftover from the last Parfait that I made, so I used them for the straps.  I left the buttons off of the pockets since I already had red piping on them.

It had just rained the morning of my photos and it was a tad chilly, but I put on my galoshes and ran outside to get some pictures.  I know, I know – California winters are wimpy and I have nothing to complain about.

I actually ended up wearing it for the rest of the day, but more sensibly paired with a cardigan and a jacket.  Luckily, I was indoors for most of the day so it was doable.  But I can’t wait for summer so I can wear this more often!



Christine started sewing in late 2010, inspired by the many crafty bloggers and their gorgeous, self-made outfits. When she's not sewing, she's doing Irish and Scottish dancing, needlework or other various crafts, and hanging out with her hubby and fur babies (1 dog and 3 cats).


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  1. Beautiful…am loving your curves in that Parfait. The piping was totally worth it.

    • Thank you! I didn’t realize how curvy I looked in this dress until the pictures. I have another Parfait and it was more subtle. I definitely think the piping accentuates the curves, but I still love it! Embracing my curves! ;)

  2. You look adorable. I love the socks you wore with your dress. I live in the Bay Area too and this weather is so confusing!

    • Thanks Margaret! They’re actually super thick socks so were perfect for the brisk weather. But seriously, I think the next day was beautiful, and then this last weekend was almost hot. I can’t complain – I love it!

  3. Love your interpretation. Must get this pattern.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it’s one of my favorite Colette patterns. I’ve only made it twice now, but I wore the last one so much that I knew I was going to need another.

  4. This is super cute! I love the piping.

  5. Just stunning! The piping gives it such a polished look. I am inspired!

  6. Very cute! The piping was definitely worth the time – it really makes the dress.

  7. Very cute. Yes, I think the orange trees behind you are saying “You call this winter?” :)

  8. That piping makes the dress, the curves and gathers on the bodice really stand out because of it. Also love a lady who knows how to rock her wellies (rainboots).

    • Thank you! I rarely get to wear them and I always remember too late, but I love rainy days when I get to pull them out. And yes, the piping really accentuates those curves doesn’t it?? ha! But I’m loving it – I can’t wait for warmer weather!

  9. The piping makes the dress so much better! Nice touch-you look fabulous!

  10. Absolutely adorable- great job! I grew up in the bay area (San Mateo), I miss those mild winters!

  11. Fabulous! I have Parfait in my stash ready to go! Bring on the summer

  12. No wonder you kept it on! Looks fantastic– love the contrast piping and buttons.

  13. This is my favourite Colette pattern and I’m sure everyone who sees your version will be buying this pattern now. The piping just sets it off and the fit is incredible. You curvy girls have got-it-going-on Love it!

  14. As many have said, the piping is mighty fine and it’s a lovely dress all round.

  15. Such cute fabric, lovely piping and great fit! Love it!

  16. Simply darling — and now I want to attempt piping.