Hot! The It’s Oh So Quiet Dress

Kazzthespazz | Buttons Challenge
The Facts

Fabric | Sari silk fabric
Pattern | Nina Ricci for Vogue Paris Original 1245, seriously modified.
Year | Circa 1970’s I think cant seem to find a date.
Notions | thrifted buttons
Time to complete | 6 hours
First worn | For the photos
Wear again? Sure
Total price | $2.99 | Buttons Challenge

I love buttons I made this neckpiece out of buttons; buttons, buttons, holla buttons. I thrifted this wonderful fabric last year, it’s was a gorgeous silk sari, the front bodice I made from the more detailed section of the sari which drapes over the shoulder and sits at the front like this. The Vogue pattern I’ve mentioned was kinda thrown out the window once I opened the skirt up and it revealed a circular hem, I couldn’t use it because of the wonderful print that works it’s way along the top and bottom of the fabric so I cut what I needed in lengths. | Buttons Challenge

To gather the skirt I used the ‘baste three lines and pull‘ method, a brilliant and effective method I say. I don’t know about you but I really like how the gathers look after they’ve been pressed. Oh the little things hey!? I’ve placed pockets into the skirt because I love a dress with pockets. | Buttons Challenge

The bodice I ended up modifying as well, I don’t know why I didn’t choose a different pattern! the mind boggles. I ended up deepening the armholes and inserting darts front and back for a better fit. I guess this could be a great way to teach yourself how to self-draft? | Buttons Challenge

My gosh I got so bored sewing the buttons on though, this is my buttonhole foot, I just load the button into the foot and press a button. I like it that way, I do want to try the bound button hole thingy one day. The armholes and the placket are interfaced and serged for a neat finish, the skirt is lined with a navy blue cotton selected from Le stash. The best thing about this dress is the hem. Don’t you love it when the works already been done for you? Overall, I like how she’s turned out, you know what? I think I like this ‘The Oh So Quiet Dress’ and the colour blue.



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  1. That is GORGEOUS. What a lovely dress.

  2. That dress looks so pretty.

  3. The print! The color! The fit! The hat! Gurl, you have it all perfected!

  4. Cute! I love the color on you!

  5. My gosh that is the cutest thing ever. What fabulous work and your gathers look so much better than mine ever do. Suits you!

  6. Gorgeous! And, you’re outside! I always expect some kind of crazy or non-existent backdrop from you. I do love the change though.

    • Thank you Amy, I know right!! it’s very hard for me to get photos outside and I’d feel like a right doofus standing around with a tripod and remote. Kudos to my hubby for taking these piccys.

  7. Blue is you! For next to nothing too!

  8. That’s really pretty. I like the hat too.

  9. SO pretty! Love the fabric and the fabulousness of that skirt, and your hat polishes off the outfit so nicely! Wonderful job, my friend!

  10. Love all the extras you did! The fabric is gorgeous!

    It’s totally a little ‘quiet’ compared to your usual flair, but still a darling dress on you!

  11. Eeek I love this! The sari fabric and the modified shirt dress pattern and really pretty, I would never have thought of putting the two together but it works so well! I want your dress!

  12. Ssh, shh! It’s oh so still…
    Am loving this dress and more than a little obsessed with the hat.

  13. Kazz… Creative and out of the box as always. Xx

  14. Wow! Fantastic dress …. and I’m so excited to see you featured. I SO love everything you do!

  15. great placement of the pattern pieces – gorgeous piece of fabric. Love the final outcome.

  16. This is a very “quiet” dress for you Kazz, but you have done an amazing job making such a beautiful dress out of a Sari.
    This looks fab on you! Love it!

    • Oh I agree Anna, I was a little stumped on how to utilise the print on the fabric and thought this was the best option. So far she has made the perfect bike riding companion. I’m glad you like it too.

  17. BEAUTIFUL dress! Love the fabric placement especially those polka dots at the collar and the floral stripes on the bodice, super well done & great styling too! Lovely outdoor photos:)

  18. Love, love, love the fabric. Well done!

  19. Very thoughtful on the dress construction and fabric matching, awesome dress!

  20. I love the fabric and the pattern of this dress. Blue and white are always super chic. Your hat is also quite lovely :)

  21. Nice work using the beautiful sari. There are so many unloved fabrics out there, it’s fun to see them repuposed this way.

  22. My goodness, she’s so pretty (well you are too). Did you just happen to have the matching hat? The hat really makes the dress. Great work!

  23. Love it! The coloure looks amazing on you. I really love the way you placed the fabric pattern, looks ace!!

  24. Lovely dress. This is my favorite type of garment you make. And what an awesome hat to top it off with.

  25. Bjorking fantastic Kaz! I do love a Sari – have about three in my own branch of “Le Stash” Used to cut them up and wear them over trousers – you know the look, about when Bjork was hot! Love the placement of the interesting bits too.

  26. One word: AWESOME! Kazz, you did such a great job on this! I never would have guessed it used to be a Sari. It’s beautiful.

  27. It’s beautiful. I love how you used the pattern!

  28. Kazz lady, this is stunning! And that hat – gorgeous!

  29. This is amazing. I love what you’ve done with the sari – just beautiful!

  30. Wow! You are so clever! I love it

  31. Beautiful! Love the sari fabric.

  32. Fantastic re-working of the sari and a divine color (the sky up above) on you!

  33. Yeah, that hat is a beast. I may have to fight you for it, Kazz ;-).

  34. What a gorgeous ensemble! The hat tops it off wonderfully, too. :)

  35. Love this Kazz – you look incredible!!